Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What do you think about Sorority Sisters ? Want to hear your feedback

There was a show that aired on VH1 about Black Greek Sororities Sister

People were in an uproar who had pledged in the Greek organizations

Others who never pledged but seen it as an exploitation of Black women in a negative view taken

away from the purpose of what these organizations stand for.

What do you think?

If you haven't seen it you can check it out on YouTube. You can go to OnDemand.

There is a protest taking place on tweeter to the advertisers of these shows

Let me know what you think?


Patricia A. Saunders- Author of Let It Rain

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fear For My Sons

Fear For My Sons

Though I didn't birth you I see you as my sons

Some are Ivy league and others from the block

Walking down the street you're judged

Walking into a store you're followed because you aren't supposed to be there

It is 2014 and times are supposed to have changed

Why does it feel like it's 1950's and I can't sit at the counter of the diner

Fear For My Sons

So many are taken away by gun shots or police brutality

So many are taken away by hands of their own race

I fear for you because turning 21 is rare

That your Mother has to bury you and it should be the other way around

I fear for you that you will be in jail one time and it becomes a way of life

That you won't be able to cope out here

Fear For My Sons

That you won't get gray hair

That you won't see your children graduate

That you won't walk your daughter down the aisle

That you will be a innocent by stander in the wrong place

That you won't have the liberty to have it filmed by others to know what happen

That you can't lift your hands because you will get shot

That you can say officer I am a officer too

See I might not have birthed you but my tears shed for you

This is dedicated to all the men who lost their lives too soon

By Author of Let It Rain Patricia A. Saunders

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Author Patricia A. Saunders Interviewed by Stu Taylor

Stu Taylor Interview

For my book Through the Fire

You are able to purchase paperback or ebook

This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass

Sitting at the window wondering what is next
What will the future hold?
People are being laid off
Houses are being foreclosed on
More people are sleeping in their cars
Though it might seem like you are at the end of the road
This too shall pass
Children are being gunned down at school
Schools where  you think they are safe
They are going to get an education
Someone decides to shoot first
This too shall pass
Food prices going up
More and more can’t afford to eat
Parents forgoing so that their children have something
Oh when will this end?
Planes dropping
Cars crashing
Trains off track
Afraid to turn on the TV because there is something else
The world is looking for an answer
Hear the elders saying stay on your knees and pray

This too shall pass

By Author Patricia A. Saunders

Sing Me A Love Song

Sing Me A Love Song

Sitting here close to you

The lights are dim

The music is playing

Our bodies are close

Feeling the  energy between us

I hear you singing in my ear

I close my eyes

Sing Me A Love Song

You know the one that makes me want to slow dance

You know the one that makes me want to sing along

You know the one like they used to play on the radio

Your arm comes around my shoulder

I feel secure

You pull me in closer

You're happy

I am happy

This feels right

Come on dear

Sing Me A Love Song

Patricia A. Saunders

Friday, December 5, 2014

Interview with Coach Deb Bailey

Listen to interview by Coach Deborah Bailey with Special Guest Patricia A. Saunders

If I Should

If I Should     

At the cross roads wanting to leap out on faith

What if I should let the walls down to fall in love?

What if I should be vulnerable to heartbreak?

What if I should change careers at this point in life?

What if I should travel the world?

You will never know if you don’t try

You will never know if you don’t trust

You will never know if you don’t leap

You will never know what you should do if you don’t listen to the 

voice within

Not everyone will hurt you

To love is what we were meant to do

Travel the world can be as easy as watching a movie, reading a 

book, or jumping on a plane

We put too much pressure on ourselves for something that is 

Breathe and let it happen

Next time you ask yourself if you should

Answer Yes!

By Author Patricia A. Saunders

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge   

Life is worth living

When you were a kid do you remember climbing the tree to the top?

Hiking the mountain

Swimming out to the deep end of the pool

You didn’t know what fear was

Somewhere as you aged someone told you be careful
You don’t want to hurt yourself

So you started to limit your life

You started being cautious

You weren’t living to the fullest

So I say let the kid come back into your life

Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone

So while you are not taking those chances

Life is speeding by

If you said to me you have 6 months to live

Why would I start living on the edge?

Why would I want to do everything that I was afraid to do?

Come on!

Start living on the edge and live

By Patricia A. Saunders – Author of Let It Rain

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


During the holiday season people are running around purchasing gifts for love ones
My question is what are you thankful for?
Does it matter what you drive? Where you live? Who your friends are?
My question is are you happy?
If I could change three things in life what would it be?
I would want everyone to be at peace
Not to judge someone for the color of their skin
Not to punish someone for their beliefs
I would then have to be ready for the response
What would the universe come back with?
Instead of going broke trying to fulfill someone’s wish be thankful that you have each other.
Make them something.
Sometimes during the holidays you have those who have lost a love one
They might have problems seeing the good when they are so sad
Give them a hug
Call them and let them know you care
Let them know you are thankful for them being here
Instead of making it so huge that you feel that you can’t compete
Make it worthwhile and make it meaningful
I am thankful for the air that I breathe because someone is struggling for that breath
I am thankful for my health because someone is having the last rites read over them
I am thankful for shelter because there is someone lying on the sidewalk trying to sleep
I am thankful

Patricia A. Saunders Author 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

24 hours

Its been 24 hours
I wonder how you are doing miles away
Have you ate?
Are you cold?
Is everything ok?
Its been 24 hours
I am wrapping everything around my head
Realizing that you were always grown
But we wouldn't let you be the person you were destined to be
We would always carry your load
Its been 24 hours
Alot has gone on in my head and have mixed feelings
I am missing you
The calls, the text messages, and jumping in the car to go get you
Listening to the latest songs on the radio
Turning it all the way up and dancing like there is no tomorrow with you
I miss that
I know you are not born from me but you will always be mine
Its been 24 hours
And I now know that you have flown the nest
You have spread your wings
And you are flying
Just know that if you should fall
I'll be here to catch you

Sometimes you just have to

Sometimes you just have to look at the situation and make a decision
Either continue on or stop and let it go
There will be people who will come and go into your life
Doesn't always mean that it ended bad
The person came into your life and you learned a lesson
There is always something valuable
You can learn that with the next person what to look for
You can appreciate life differently because of the experience
Sometimes you just have to
Appreciate yourself and know your worth
If it is a job that doesn't bring you the rewards you were looking for
Look for something else
If you're in a relationship that is toxic
Do a detox
I always say life is too short to live your life unhappy
To be in a situation you can get out of
And if you don't know how to end it
Look to your friends, mentor, or family member
Someone has gone through it
I had my ah ha moment
Took out the pen and paper
Looked at the pros and cons
Deleted some friends
And I said sometimes you just have to let it go...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

“Looking for the Adventurous Me”

“Looking for the Adventurous Me”

Have you ever thought “There has got to be something better?” I was yearning for something new. I tried to diet, tried to exercise, and I was in a slump. I was looking to get recharged. I was awakening by a notification of my email that I received in June from Red Mountain Resort in St. George Utah. I thought this is it!!! I immediately responded back that I was interested in going and could I attend a travel agent trip. Within minutes the answer came back “Yes” and everything from that point was in divine order.
I made my reservation, booked my shuttle and airline ticket. I wasn’t one to exercise but I got looked at all the activities and thought this would be my opportunity to get back in shape, take a hike, and pamper myself. They had horseback riding, yoga, morning hikes, 50 minute massage among other activities included. I felt myself bragging that I was going to a resort and I was alive again. I had always been adventurous as a youngster and somewhere as I aged I stopped. I ran out and purchased new funky glasses, went shopping for yoga and exercise clothing. Watch out here I come!
When I arrived in Las Vegas and took the two hour scenic drive to St. George and started getting spiritual in regards to looking at the wonders that were created in the shapes of mountains. Various colors red, brown and the green cactus I couldn’t wait to get to the resort. When we pulled up I was greeted by the friendly staff and taken on a tour of the vast property. There was something for everyone. If a group came they could stay in the villas, two girlfriends in a regular building named after animals, and if others traveled solo they still didn’t stick out. The property is pet friendly and I saw a couple who brought their cute puppy.
The next morning I was ready to do yoga, Thai Chi, and bootyque classes. There were so many classes to choose from some at an additional cost but worth every penny. The food was included and each meal was prepared like a 5 –star restaurant. I learned that they property could only serve beer and wine and they found a distributor that fermented wine to taste like tequila, vodka and rum. I found myself planning my day out for every hour, including going to the spa for massages daily, and I felt a change happening.
While out on an evening photography hike standing in the middle of a labyrinth the reality hit me. That the world response to our energy and that there was no need for fear, that I needed to put myself first, and that I learned that I needed to mediate more to be at peace within. The trip ended and I posted the pictures showing every one of the trip that awaken that youthful, adventurous, and spiritual centered me.

Thank you Red Mountain Resort

By Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Poet and Motivational Speaker

Friday, May 2, 2014

Time for Me

Time for Me
It's been a minute since I wrote to express my inner thoughts
I thought I was taking time for myself
I tended to my home, I tended to my health, and I got focused on job
I had been recuperating for a couple of months after surgery
I realized that with the time off I had restful slumber
I signed up to lose a couple of pounds
I even started walking after work
I started to reestablish relationships that I had let slip because other things were more important
I had to take time for me
People questioned why calls had stopped
I realized that I was always the giver and never feeling equally yoked
I had to take time for me
Find out who I am
I know I am a child of God
I know that I am the youngest of my siblings
I know that I am the sparkle in his eyes
I know that my family loves me
I started forgetting things
Important things were slipping my thoughts
Scaring myself
I said I was beating the clock
I had to share my words before it's too late
Went through items and started purging
Getting rid of the negativity
Getting rid of relationships that are toxic
I shared my inner thoughts the last thing I expected to hear is
Though I thought I was taking time for myself I was still doing for others
I was still trying to fit into the circle when I am the square
So I threw everything up in the air
Let it fall where it may
I have left the building
I am taking a mental sabbatical and I am taking time for me
No phones allowed
No Internet connection
No work
Just being with me
So I can listen to the inner thoughts
Follow the steps that are laid out for me to follow
Leap when I hear my God Almighty says its time
Listen to my body
Listen to my heart
So leave a message I will get back to you
I'm currently taking time out for me

By Patricia A. Saunders
Author of "Loving Me"(c) Authorhouse Publishing

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Do Overs

Do Overs

I keep hearing this term "Do Overs"

So if you could do something over what would it be?

The thought process is that the first time didn't count so this is a do over.

So I started to reflect what would I do over.

I am close to 50 so would I have chose a different path? Maybe

Would I have met different people and had different relationships? Not sure because you draw people to you according to the book the Secret.

Would I have made different life decisions that impact work and where I lived? Yes

Everything happens for a reason and once you become confident in your choice it is what it is. Right?

Now if I hurt someone feelings I think that would be a do over because that is not an intention. I would want

do over to make it right.

I remember as a 20 something woman my plan were to get married, have 2 kids, and live the American dream.

I pushed it out ten years further because I wanted to climb the corporate ladder and be more financially stable.

Next thing time slipped away, the dream was a fog, and I am ending my 40's without the babies I longed for.

the relationships didn't last because they couldn't wait, and my outlook on life changed too.

Now that is what I would do over.

Is there something that if you could do over you would? Is there still time to do over?

Let me hear from you

Patricia A. Saunders
Author of Loving Me

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Heart

My Heart
I hid it for years
Didn't want to feel the pain of the hurt the one that left me with it
Walls up to protect the feelings
I met the one and I pushed him away
Not on purpose
I am crying now because I can't remember how to trust
I can't remember how to fall in love
I don't want to lose you
How do I love?
I want the love like my parents
I ask others how did they know?
You're persistent
I asked you why?
You said because there was a twinkle in my eyes
I want to love
I hold you in my arms and a flutter in my heart starts
Instead of asking others I ask you how to love
You place your hand on my heart and say trust you
I want to love you
I want to learn how to love
Lust has left and Love has come in
I want to love
I feel the pounding of my heart
The walls are tumbling down
You kiss me and between the tears
My Heart is awaken
I want to love you
You are teaching me how to love again
My Heart

Patricia A. Saunders
Author of Loving Me
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Monday, February 10, 2014

What a difference a day makes

What a difference a day makes
I love that song but I have been reflecting on life
In 24 hours someone is pushing out a newborn baby into this world
In a day a family is making final decision for a love one
What a difference a day makes
If tomorrow isn't promised to no man
What are you doing today?
Are you writing out your bucket list?
Are you living the bucket list?
What a difference a day makes
I sat down in front of the computer and I cried
I cried because it's been over 60 days since my hands touched the keys
I missed writing ...
I missed the creative juices flowing
What a difference a day makes
I realized that life is too short
That the ones who I love know it
It's not on material items but heartfelt love
I confess my love to you dear
What a difference a day makes
To understand that money doesn't buy happiness
That the richest person is the one who is humble
Yesterday I was blue dear but....
What a difference a day makes

By Patricia A. Saunders
Author of Through the Fire and Loving Me