Saturday, March 8, 2014

Do Overs

Do Overs

I keep hearing this term "Do Overs"

So if you could do something over what would it be?

The thought process is that the first time didn't count so this is a do over.

So I started to reflect what would I do over.

I am close to 50 so would I have chose a different path? Maybe

Would I have met different people and had different relationships? Not sure because you draw people to you according to the book the Secret.

Would I have made different life decisions that impact work and where I lived? Yes

Everything happens for a reason and once you become confident in your choice it is what it is. Right?

Now if I hurt someone feelings I think that would be a do over because that is not an intention. I would want

do over to make it right.

I remember as a 20 something woman my plan were to get married, have 2 kids, and live the American dream.

I pushed it out ten years further because I wanted to climb the corporate ladder and be more financially stable.

Next thing time slipped away, the dream was a fog, and I am ending my 40's without the babies I longed for.

the relationships didn't last because they couldn't wait, and my outlook on life changed too.

Now that is what I would do over.

Is there something that if you could do over you would? Is there still time to do over?

Let me hear from you

Patricia A. Saunders
Author of Loving Me