Friday, May 2, 2014

Time for Me

Time for Me
It's been a minute since I wrote to express my inner thoughts
I thought I was taking time for myself
I tended to my home, I tended to my health, and I got focused on job
I had been recuperating for a couple of months after surgery
I realized that with the time off I had restful slumber
I signed up to lose a couple of pounds
I even started walking after work
I started to reestablish relationships that I had let slip because other things were more important
I had to take time for me
People questioned why calls had stopped
I realized that I was always the giver and never feeling equally yoked
I had to take time for me
Find out who I am
I know I am a child of God
I know that I am the youngest of my siblings
I know that I am the sparkle in his eyes
I know that my family loves me
I started forgetting things
Important things were slipping my thoughts
Scaring myself
I said I was beating the clock
I had to share my words before it's too late
Went through items and started purging
Getting rid of the negativity
Getting rid of relationships that are toxic
I shared my inner thoughts the last thing I expected to hear is
Though I thought I was taking time for myself I was still doing for others
I was still trying to fit into the circle when I am the square
So I threw everything up in the air
Let it fall where it may
I have left the building
I am taking a mental sabbatical and I am taking time for me
No phones allowed
No Internet connection
No work
Just being with me
So I can listen to the inner thoughts
Follow the steps that are laid out for me to follow
Leap when I hear my God Almighty says its time
Listen to my body
Listen to my heart
So leave a message I will get back to you
I'm currently taking time out for me

By Patricia A. Saunders
Author of "Loving Me"(c) Authorhouse Publishing