Tuesday, September 30, 2014

24 hours

Its been 24 hours
I wonder how you are doing miles away
Have you ate?
Are you cold?
Is everything ok?
Its been 24 hours
I am wrapping everything around my head
Realizing that you were always grown
But we wouldn't let you be the person you were destined to be
We would always carry your load
Its been 24 hours
Alot has gone on in my head and have mixed feelings
I am missing you
The calls, the text messages, and jumping in the car to go get you
Listening to the latest songs on the radio
Turning it all the way up and dancing like there is no tomorrow with you
I miss that
I know you are not born from me but you will always be mine
Its been 24 hours
And I now know that you have flown the nest
You have spread your wings
And you are flying
Just know that if you should fall
I'll be here to catch you

Sometimes you just have to

Sometimes you just have to look at the situation and make a decision
Either continue on or stop and let it go
There will be people who will come and go into your life
Doesn't always mean that it ended bad
The person came into your life and you learned a lesson
There is always something valuable
You can learn that with the next person what to look for
You can appreciate life differently because of the experience
Sometimes you just have to
Appreciate yourself and know your worth
If it is a job that doesn't bring you the rewards you were looking for
Look for something else
If you're in a relationship that is toxic
Do a detox
I always say life is too short to live your life unhappy
To be in a situation you can get out of
And if you don't know how to end it
Look to your friends, mentor, or family member
Someone has gone through it
I had my ah ha moment
Took out the pen and paper
Looked at the pros and cons
Deleted some friends
And I said sometimes you just have to let it go...