Friday, February 20, 2015

Can I Get A Witness

Can I Get A Witness
By Patricia A. Saunders

Approaching the 50th Birthday Club
I am getting so much advice
People sharing their war stories i.e. when you turn 50 you will feel this way, you can't drink milk, and watch out for spicy food.
You will find gray hairs in places only you and God know about
Oh and don't forget you will feel aches and pains
It almost scares you to turn 50

I am always on the go!
Skin soft and still have a glow
I know my body and as I approach 50
I want to be here longer so I am trying to eat right, more greens, and less fat
I am walking more and sitting less
I want to be a young 50
I want to still live life
I don't want to think of it as I am preparing to die

I am getting wiser and looking at ways to increase my 401k
But I rather do that than not be okay
So Miss Clairol is becoming my friend
Colors like Auburn, Midnight Blue, and Honey Blonde
For the different looks that I will ponder

I am not complaining about approaching the club
I even joined AARP
There are many who have not made it
Passed away before their birthday
I am blessed and curvy!!!

Can I Get A Witness!!!

Patricia A. Saunders , is Author of Through the Fire, Let It Rain, and Loving Me You can follow her