Tuesday, April 26, 2016

To Prince With Love

I want to dedicate this blog post to the man who awaken a desire within me

He was the epitome of sexy

Short in stature but his demeanor was as tall as a giant

His lyrics spoke of love, sex, and rock and roll !

He was an artist that all could relate to

Men wanted to be him

Women wanted to be with him

From International Lover, Kiss, and If I Was Your Girlfriend I was hooked

Let him come on any channel and I was there

His albums would release and I would save my money to get it

Write love note to my lover based off a lyric he wrote that I was too shy to say

As he aged he was still sexy, style changed but he was still Prince

Finding out after he has passed how he was an activist for change

How he donated his money to helping others

How he talked to his best friends daily

How he loved so many

My heart skipped a beat when I heard on the radio he was gone

Prince wasn't supposed to die

He was to live forever

As a fan I stand with millions in shock

Looking at videos, pulling out old records, and crying

He died alone and I think that's what hurts most

The man whose music was the theme to so many love making sessions

The man whose music got you on the dance floor

The man who played over 20 instructments

He was an icon

He was Prince!

Prince wasn't supposed to die

Prince wasn't supposed to be alone

The heavens opened for another angel

You will never be forgotten

I wish you love
I wish you Heaven
I wish you Heaven

Written by Award Winning Author Patricia A. Saunders