Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I Got Something On My Mind

As a author I express myself through words

If I see something in the news I jot it down in my journal

If I experience a feeling of love, joy, grief whatever I write

I dedicated myself to keep the words flowing until the pen stops

Today I was thinking of my Mother as most know the muse of my writing

Her birthday is approaching and I have mixed feelings of emotion

Its been ten years since she passed and there are times when the tears flow

There are times when I want to call her to tell her what is going on

That recipe that I need that I didn't think to ask for I can't make

No one will ever replace a Mother

Today  I played peek a boo with a princess. 

A small child dressed in a princess costume wandered away from her Mother

She stood on the other side of my cubicle ,waved, she smiled, she giggled and she played peek a boo with me!

We laughed at each other and there was a feeling of joy yet regret that I didn't have my own child

Someone to carry on my legacy

There isn't someone to call me every week and say I love you Mom like I did with my Mother

I Got Something On My Mind that I have meaning to say

Don't wait for tomorrow because it may never come

Live your life to the fullest

And tell your love ones you love them

See I Got Something On My Mind and she's gone!

Award Winning Author Patricia A. Saunders - Author of This Too Shall Pass


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Excerpt from This Too Shall Pass

Poem is called I Melt

I Melt
When I see your eyes
I fall in love all over again
Never thought I would feel like this
Though I carried you
Saw you grow within me
Seeing you lie on my chest
I Melt

When you open your eyes
Looking at me as you nurse from my breast
I smile because I love you
You are my legacy
You are my world
I Melt

The blessing of the birth of a child
Some take for granted
Some don’t want to go through it
I look at you and I can’t imagine
Your tiny fingers touch mine
And I …
I Melt