Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New book by Author Patricia A. Saunders

Excerpts from latest book There Is Sunshine After The Rain: Making It Through Life’s Struggles

By Patricia A. Saunders
 Copyright 2017 BookBaby Publishing

I Cried For You
The tears ran down my face
There is so much going on
I would pick up the phone and try to dial your number
It’s been so long, I can’t remember the number anymore
The receiver held in my hand
I held it to my chest
You’re gone
I think about the times I would call
Hearing your voice answer
I wouldn’t have to say a word
You would listen and say “Baby, is that you?”
I would tell you about my day
Dates that I had
Situations that I was experiencing
Your advice would be so simple
Voice always calming to my spirit
I can’t call you anymore
I fill my days with busy work
Now I need to call you
My world is crumbling around me
I feel all alone
I want to hear you
I gather myself nightly
Surround myself with pillows
The tears soak my pillow
I tell myself it will be okay
Time will heal wounds
If I could just feel your arms
Hear your voice
I awake and the feeling is still there
I made a dish that you always made
It comforted me for the moment
rampage through the garage
Found the box I was looking for
There it is...
Your answering machine
I bring it into the house and plug it in
I hear your voice
I start the conversation
I press play again
You say “Hello
I say Mommy!

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