Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Sister's Love

A Sister's Love

Growing up I was the youngest of 13 siblings. I had one in particular who took the role at the age of 11

to be the Second Momma. She would babysit me, as she got older her job was to make sure I ate, bathe

and did my homework. She was a teenager and I did everything that she did. She applied Noxzema to her

face for teenage acne well here I am right behind her when she went to school putting it on my face. She

would put ketchup on her collard greens well here I go doing the same thing again. When she started dating

her boyfriend who is now her husband I was scared that our relationship would change. On her wedding day

my nose was bleeding because I was afraid my sister was going to leave me forever.

Our relationship didn't change if anything I was calling her to talk on the phone like she was next store, when

I could I was taking the bus to spend weekends with her until I learned to drive. She later moved to

California and when I was in my late 20's and my father's health was declining it was best that I go

where I had family and support. I was going to be closer to my Second Momma.

I understand that not all families are the same. Some siblings have arguments and don't speak for years but

that's not our case. We talk on the phone daily, talk about everything that I normally would with my Mother

who has passed, and if I am ever hungry I know I can go grab a plate.

The best thing about having sisters is that they are always going to be there, they are your best friend, your

counselor, your shopping buddy, and travel partners. My sisters will always be honest with me and tell

me their honest opinion even if it is going to hurt me. 

People don't understand from the outside our dynamic but it takes something traumatic like a brush with

death, a serious illness, something that will harm us that makes the five sisters forget any misunderstandings

and get into formation. My lonely brother feels left out at times but together my mother had instilled in each

of us a piece of her. That together we are the glue to hold each other up when a crisis arises. 

 It's the holidays when we always check on each other. It's the time of year when we miss our mother most.

This year especially we had a scare with the Second Momma and we all got into formation like we did when

we had to take care of our mother. We all got on phones calling our friends and family who work in the

medical field, called on our Heavenly Father to not let her go, and we started praying. Our family is tigher

members who were not speaking are speaking. The baton has been passed to the younger generation to

take over as we are getting older. A sister's love is like no other love.

Submitted by
Patricia A. Saunders
Award Winning Author, Poet and Blogger

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I want to write a book ... where do I start?

I am asked all the time once someone knows that I am a writer.

How did you publish your book?

I tell everyone that I started writing in my journal and once I had enough content I started taking

pieces and putting them into the outline.

I challenged myself to write poetry and nonfiction with the outcome that the reader would find

motivation. I wanted the reader to take what I had wrote and relate in some parts to the topics.

Then I started doing my research with other writers on what they were doing.

I also used Google to find self published publishers over traditional.

Once I felt that there was a relationship I read all of the contract before signing on the dotted line.

I uploaded my manuscript and the work began.

I was contacted to give a synopsis of what the book was about, where did I want it to be sold, how

many pages was the book. What type of formatting did I want to use, the color of the pages and lastly

help in selecting the book cover.

Again research research and more research.

I decided on the amount I wanted to charge for my books, found the book covers for each of my

books because I had a vision that I wanted the buyer to capture off the shelves to purchase.

I found my own editor and went through revision after revision until I felt the book my baby

was ready to be born.

My advice to any poet, new author, or reader who is contemplating writing their first book is to do

your due diligence. What works for one might not work for you. Whom I chose for a publisher

was based on my need . There are many out there and make sure you have your work copyrighted!

I wish all the best on the journey. There is a story in each of us to share.

Submitted by :
Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Poet, Blogger

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Not Needing Your Acceptance

Not Needing Your Acceptance

Powerful words

Letting them roll off of my lips like dew drops

As a child we do everything to appease our parents

Then it become peer pressure when we are teenagers

Then it's someone else that we are trying to please

At some point it stops!

When I was younger I was told I was beautiful

That all that matters is that you're beautiful

So as I aged, life challenges presented itself ,  as most men and women I found  myself with a few extra


Now I was still beautiful but society had labels 

I had family members who love me say " You dress cute for a big girl"

It would sting because why wasn't I thought of as someone who dressed nice

I hit 50 years old and there was a feeling of liberation.

I was letting friends go who were negative

I was letting relationships go that were toxic

I was letting jobs go that were killing me

Again the same family member would say " You know companies won't hire you because you're plus size

they discriminate".

I would prove her wrong , get a wonderful job and keep stepping.

I have had to overcome adversity due to the color of my skin, my gender and my age but never my size!

Recently the same sibling stopped talking to me because while stressed I confessed that within 24 hours I

ate 8 donuts. She was sending me affirmations, saying she was doing an intervention, and literature on

12 step programs for Overweight Anonymous. I got her intent was good but the delivery sucked.

Here's the funny thing out of 13 siblings I don't have cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or anything I

am the healthiest child. The only ailment is arthritis that I inherited from my father's side of the family.

I had a conversation with a friend recently talking honestly about life , sexual orientation, religion and

everything grown talk about. I said as I have grown to be my age and hope to grow older that the last thing

I need on this earth is anyone's acceptance. Anyone who knows me knows that I wear my heart on my

sleeve, I bear all my emotions, relationships and everything on the line I have nothing to hide.

I have ended childhood friendships with people over their insecurities that they tried to pass to me.  I have

walked off of jobs where I didn't feel that I was treated with respect and didn't have another one lined up. I

am still living, employed with another job, and new friends have come into my life. When people tell me their

stories it's not for me to judge and tell them how I feel the chapter of their book should be written.

What people fail to realize in life everyone makes decisions. They are either right or wrong depending on

who you ask. The answer is do you need their acceptance to live your life to the fullest capacity? Majority

the time the answer if no!

So I live my plus size life blessed and curvy! I drink my wine when I want to and I smoke a good cigar!

When you have others in your life who want you to follow their way or no way it depends on you do you

want to follow! I will never be a follower except to the man above who I call my Almighty Father!

I hope this blog today helps someone who has been judged and feels bullied . Don't let them get you down.

Keep your head up !

Not Needing Your Acceptance ! keep saying that .

Live, Love, and Laugh

Submitted by Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Poet, Motivational Speaker and Blogger

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Guest Blogger Kimberly Lee delivers a message for all to find a voice

Valiant Voices-Kimberly Lee

We’ve all had something that could potentially silence the sound of our soul. Even as you read this the corridors of your memory could be opened to a memory, a scent, a day or time that you’d rather not remember. Or perhaps you’re the vigilante that that has snatched their life’s vocal chords back from a traumatic experience.  You could even be the doula that helps the injured survivor process the pain of circumstances in order to birth purpose.

No matter which you may be one thing is for sure, trauma on any level is just that; trauma. Trauma is a deeply distressing event that changes the trajectory of an existence that you deem as normal into a reality that can range in emotions from sullen numbness, trickery, deceit, rage and chaos on any given day. This doesn’t even include the time it takes to heal and eventually come to a place of wholeness. Trauma that people have experienced over time comes in all different shapes and sizes ranging from pay inequality, abuse of power, or the very current light that has been shed on sexual violence and sexual misconduct voiced by the powerful Tarana Burke and her #Metoo movement.  

I’m no therapist but I know trauma because I’ve experienced it in my own life. As an ex-wife of a pastor, and mother infidelity and loss of my own identity ravaged my personal and family life a few years back. I won’t go deep into the story but so much kept me silent that I wasn’t even aware of the silence until I was physically out of the situation. One day I prayed a short but powerful prayer, “God get me out of here” when He answered the walls that constricted my voice began to open up to give birth healing as I became amicable to the scary possibility that I could actually be free. Over the year’s I’d not only experienced emotional abuse but physical abuse as well, in addition to yet another cataclysmic way of life, dumbing myself down and restricting my life’s voice to the command of what other’s thought my life should look like was a way of life I knew all too well. Dumbing oneself down yields a return of anxious perfectionism that puts your real life on mute all while having to wear a mask until you decide to say, “me too, I’m hurting too!”

We live in a society where much is said about things that can silence us but they can also deafen us to the real cries of our societal woes. As I sat and watched the 5:00 news the other day I was flabbergasted at a piece reporters were doing on the mortality rate of pregnant African-American women losing their lives in childbirth due to lack of preventable health care being offered because of the color of one’s skin. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, I was appalled at the fact that we are even having to even bring light to the topic that should not be happening and more than that the reason that it is happening! In the report, “Mother’s Matter”, the reporter went on to say the as she researched the topic with not only African-American women but other cultures too, one thing was clear, the voices of women of color or their counterparts are simply not being heard. This lets me know that there is a clear power dynamic that needs to be addressed not only in this situation but in all situations where power, fear and lack of identity are used to prevent others from advocating for their best lives. It is up to us to take our power back and understand our needs and wants and be our own best advocate. We need to realize we owe nothing to dysfunction and it is our privilege as well as our responsibility to speak up and create healthy boundaries for our own lives and communities.

So what can we do? Here lately so much is able to be said in our social-media driven society where everyone is an expert that I feel the sensitive subjects mentioned in this article have the chance of not being taken as seriously by society as they should be. I’ve seen it where people of influence shy away from the realness of sensitive topics like sexual abuse, racism, and political foolishness so then we by default forego the freedom of voice that brings about true witness and transformation to our society, our families and our own selves. I believe this happens for many reasons, as in my case, fear of change, lack of resources, shame, and the disdain I would experience from the powers that be. It takes courage to speak up and I believe sometimes in society we don’t have the courage to change or speak up so we make light of complex topics and use as a diversion such topics as “side-chicks” or the tom-foolery that keeps us distracted from truly rallying in political areas to see the changes we so desperately want and need. In my experience we do this as a society because it’s easier to move on to the next hot topic versus dealing with the hard, ugly truth that is necessary for deep, lasting healing. Truly hopeful, I believe there are being raised up even now some more courageous movements in society that are committed to uncovering truth and advocating for the necessity of healing. It will be these types of courageous pioneering movements of teaching and healing work that will leave a lasting mark on our society by way of doctrine and demonstration of truth. These teaching and healing movements are really what is needed to bring about powerful ongoing healing and restoration that are a gleaming light and the powerful truths that give people the courage and opportunity to take part in creating new normal.

So what is it that creates a new normal? For me, it was desperation, it was feeling like I couldn’t breathe in my current situation, the repeated loss of dignity and it was the taste of freedom and one single recurring thought that “I was more and there has to be more to life than this.” I’ve lost my voice and even given it up on several occasions. Then one day I came to the brink of my breakthrough, I’d had enough of being muzzled by life and people. After that one-liner prayer courage arose in me to find my own valiant voice, to heal and begin again. I think the hardest recovery of them all was the emotional abuse that stained my soul and broke my spirit to what felt like some days a point of no peace and no return. It was in this place that I couldn’t see because I was bent over in my mind wondering things like, “what did I do wrong and why wasn’t I good enough?” I went on like this for days, and months like many others, until I was thrown a life-line by way of an idea to share my story and teach what I needed to learn. I spent many hours researching my pain and my failures; intertwined with sharing my story little by little I began to experience weight lifting off of my life. I began going on social media everyday sharing my life lessons through what I called, “Lunchtime tip of the Day.” Lunchtime tip of Day to my surprise had an overwhelming response from others just like me fighting to gain their freedom and their God-given voice back.

In this moment I am reminded of all the courageous leaders like yourself who rebel against status quo ideals that are prevalent in society and on assignment to lull us to sleep and dull us to the point that we go along with the current trends of societal silence. So I ask the question again, what does it take to create new normal? Of course there is not enough time to go over an exhaustive list of answers here but I believe we can start with these-

Understanding what a valiant voice really is-A valiant voice is not always the loudest voice but a still small voice that says yes to self-worth, that says, “I am taking my dignity back because I am more than where I am right now.”  A valiant voice finds the courage to choose shedding comfort zones to break cycles of bondage in order to experience new freedom in life.  A valiant voice says, yes to the truth that they are God’s masterpiece and were created for good works.  A valiant voice says I will heal and rid myself of being clothed with the embarrassment of shame for myself and my choices. A rebellious valiant voice understands they are not what they do and they are not their choices but they are believing-beings called to glorify God in the time they have here on earth. Lastly, a valiant declares, “I will be true to myself and my giftedness. I will live with the type of vulnerability it takes to become more and more whole on my journey, while learning to be a unique voice of service to others as well.

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.” ― Maya Angelou

Uncovers the lesson-Any good coach studies losses as well as wins so uncovering lessons of traumatic life events or setback is imperative to being a being valiant voice. Making the same choices and expecting different results is simply defined as insanity. Uncovering a lesson is knowledge- a valiant voice takes it a step further and uses that knowledge in everyday decisions allowing it to become wisdom that brings about that new normal. Change and failure are unavoidable so we should make our best effort to fail forward because as the quote goes, “Change is the true result of all true learning.”

Amplify their unique sound-Sometimes we are afraid of the sound of our voice. Reason being, because we’ve been made to feel powerless in situations then in other times we are afraid of how magnificent the sound of our own voice is so we become uncomfortable not yet being used to what freedom sounds like. To amplify the sound of your life’s voice you must spend time developing as a person, spiritually, personally and professionally. It is our responsibility to know what gifts and talents lie with us and then cultivate those gifts and talents to live fulfilled lives all while serving some greater purpose. Each of us has a call, a purpose and once we begin to take destiny steps that foster our purpose our sound will get clearer and clearer. When our valiant voice begins to show up it is up to us to write the vision for our life and make it plain, set it on steps of faith and work to assure our goals come to pass. Amplifying your unique sound for your sphere of influence means not being afraid of what others think because you are committed to living authentically and to that I say, “Turn it up!”

Unity-No man is an island and when your life vision begins to turn outward where you are touching the masses you will need help, you will want help! Collaborating is key and very necessary when you are building anything of significance. As a matter of fact your gifts and talents can only go so far before you understand that you are not graced to do everything that your vision needs. To have a valiant voice you must be secure enough within yourself to know when and how to ask for help and humble enough to take the help! It has been said, “True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”  With that train of thought we must realize we can cover more ground as everyday leaders in excellence and efficiency together than we could if we were just trying to do it all alone. A valiant voice has a distinct sound and is a great self-starter but works well as part of a team going in the same direction. Unity is one very important component that produces results for dreamers that are willing to wake-up and work together. Remember a puzzle has many pieces but when put together correctly makes one work of art.

Trauma happens, setbacks happen; failure happens sometimes at the hand of others and sometimes by our uninformed decision making but what matters most is how we will respond. Will we ever remain voiceless victims in our own stories or decide to go within and receive the divine downloads that will lead us to liberty. Living in liberty is no easy feat, so I don’t mean to make it sound trite but it is a necessary faith-filled feat if we will change our own existence and hopefully in the process encourage one, empower one, bless one or all of the above. It’s up to us as individuals and tribes of people’s to understand what our valiant voice sounds like and uncover the lessons that lead to victory. It is our responsibility and right to live fulfilled by amplifying the sound of our life’s voice and working together in unity with those who are on a profound and powerful mission, just like us. Once you’ve found your voice, stand up and have your say, make your mission clear, make it matter and prayerfully it leaves an indelible mark of legacy that outlives you. Your voice matters.


Maya Angelou Quote
Mother’s Matter-King Five News, Seattle, Washington

About the Guest Blogger and Author:

Kimberly Lee is an ordained minister, professional speaker; coach by nature; author and facilitator of her signature program Empowered Living. Kimberly uses anyone of these functions to help you breakthrough tough mindsets and tough situations. She is fiercely committed to those who are ready to redeem painful experiences in order to pursue purpose and come into their own value, voice and life vision. She is the author of On the Brink of a Breakthrough and Bridge to Breakthrough expressly designed to help you shift from mindsets that undermine your potential while encouraging you to prosper holistically. You can catch Kimberly via Social Media or in person building people up mentally and spiritually by offering practical wisdom that helps people live an empowered lifestyle. She has impressive experience in breaking through hard places in life, inspiring others, soul-work techniques, project management and transformational speaking. She proudly holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Kimberly mentors and ministers as conference host of her ministry Wise Women Win. Her mantra, “You can live above anything that has tried to render you powerless by faith in God and faith in yourself.

 Ms. Lee books are available for purchase on Amazon . 

Thank you so much for being a guest blogger on Blessed & Curvy.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Me Too

Me Too

She comes forth

Taking all the courage to tell her story

She is made to feel ashamed

Mocked by others

Jokes about her looks

She names witnesses

They’re afraid to share what they saw

Me Too

Women are standing in support

Sharing their stories

10 years ago

20 years ago

The memories are flooding the internet

Men are coming forward

Thinking this could happen to their sisters, daughter or worse their Mothers

Me Too

There are marches formed

Some men are fired from their positions

Some men are tried before a jury

Some go to jail

One becomes a Supreme Court Judge

Submitted by
Poet, Author, Blogger
Patricia A. Saunders

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Wake Up!

Years ago I wrote my first poem about crimes against African Americans. As I am getting older it's becoming more and more the norm in today's society. From Trayon, Mike, Oscar, Sandra and now Nia. You can't turn on the news and not see that someone in some state, some city, some town has been killed.

Its has little kids scared of police officers because a family member was killed by a cop.

You have black on black crime where we are killing each other over territory.  Here is the reality we don't own the block. No matter how many kilos are sold the truth is the city , the state , and the government owns the block.

You can't drive on the highway even because a rival might recognize you, it was part of an initiation, or you happen to cut them off and the road rage had them pull out a glock to even the score.

I write about injustice and even how a college educated woman could be pulled over, asked about the car she is driving if it is hers, ask her to do a sobriety test because you smell alcohol and arrest her. Funny thing she has never drank or smoked but this is the lesson you're going to teach her.

I write about how you can be a youth hanging out with your friends listening to some hip hop music in your car  in a state that approved  STAND YOUR GROUND so when he asked you to turn down your music and you refused he was justified to pull the trigger.

Chicago is rated amoung the highest  murder rates cities in the United States.

I write about two individuals coming from two different sides of the railroad. Doing the same crime. One serves life in prison and the other becomes a senator.


Do you not remember a young boy age 14 was accused of whisteling at a white woman , he was beaten beyond recognition , and killed. The woman come forth many years later to say she gave a false testimonry.

In the late 19th century, lynching was a form of punishments whites would punish blacks. It's still happening in today's world.

Brown vs. The Board of Education where we wanted the same education as our non black brothers and sisters. Where my parents didn't have the opportunity to take part but I was the first college graduate out of my father's 7 children and went on to get my Masters.

The Fifteen Amendment to the United States Constituion states that we all have the rights to vote. Yet we are seeing still in 2018 voting stations closing early in urban communities . We have locations changing at the last minute. When an African American is winning in the polls there is a belief that it can't be happening. We must have the tallies recounted. We must wait until the last minutes which means weeks later to know if we have the first Femal African American Mayor in a large metropolitan city.

We had a African American President that had to prove that he was not a Muslim, he was born in the United States and had to show his birth certificate.

Now we have one who doesn't know that Puerto Rico is a part of the United States, hasn't shown his tax returns, and has used the N* word to describe a person of color.

All I am saying is let there be peace!

Martin Luther King walked for justice

Malcolm X wanted all to be educated on the truth

I started my educated off at a Historically Black University College and it changed my life because I learned my history.

I learned from my parents born in 1904 and 1926 that we can coexist and communicate without fighting.

I have family members who have taken an oath to serve and protect

I have family members who step into a court room daily to defend and prosecute for justice

Let's not make the prison system the top revenue generating business where majority of our sons, husbands, and brothers will die in.

When you see me don't be afraid because I come in peace!

Submitted by

Patricia A. Saunders

Author, Poet, Blogger

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Finding myself in the Red Mountains

It was in the year 2013 and I was going through a storm. I had taken a demotion at work , transferred closer 
to home and was trying to take care of myself. I had started symptoms for high blood pressure, was prediabetic , and my arm couldn’t go above my head. In my dream one morning I was saying I need to do something to wake 
the old me back up. I wanted to get back into taken care of myself. I was awaken by a notification on

my phone that I felt was a sign. It was an invitation to come to Saint George, Utah to visit a resort called

Red Mountain. I responded back that I was interested to take the travel agent rate and explore the

experience. Within minutes they responded back and I knew then it was real, not a dream, and the

beginning .

Within weeks flight is booked , it will be a work trip since I am going to write about the whole experience.  I

arrived into Las Vegas and took a shuttle van to Saint George, being stuck between

strangers, and I am the only African American female on this ride. I am prayed up so fear get behind me.

When I arrive to the resort the staff is friendly, my bags are taken to my room, and I am given a tour of the

grounds by the sales manager. A dinner is planned for all the travel agents visiting also from all over the

United  States. We are here for 4 days and 3 nights and we are about to introduced to all inclusive wellness.

The Spa  has every type of treatment that will make you wish you lived here. The food is delicious my

favorite that I look for every time I go is Sweet Potato Pancakes, Turkey Chorizo and potatoes. I order

a drink that I thought had tequila in to find out that a winery in California is distilling wine to taste like vodka,

tequila, and rum.

I can sleep in and awake without one alarm sounding, other have taken the hike and are being challenged to

go higher heights, and the air though its hot feels electrifying. . I pull out my journal and I am just taking in

the hills, the birds dipping into the water fountain, and  the sound of bugs chirping on this hot day.

Over 30 years ago I decided to gain the weight as my armor, my way of protecting myself, my subconscious

taking over what my mind couldn't deal with, I am going to turn off the sexy. Now in my 50's reclaiming my

time that is left as my own. I am taking yoga classes, tai chi, and dance classes while at the resort.. A fire in

the pit of stomach is awaken my purpose has been renewed. I sign up to take a evening photography class

and while out in the area behind the resort I see a sunset and I snap a photo. The instructor has the class all

taking turns taking photos at different angles  and then we walk into the labyrinth. I feel at the moment that I

can't feel defeated. My perspective at life was to learn the lesson, don't criticize myself and to love myself.

Upon leaving the resort I established friendships with guests,, I built a relationship

with the staff and have booked a trip three additional visits. Each time bringing someone else with myself

hoping that whatever they experience will be life changing. Each time I have never been disappointed,

the yoga instructor remembers me, I can share any improvements with the staff as a testimony from their

classes, motivation, and of course looking for any new additions that they place on the itinerary.

I don't get any type of sponsorship or payment from the resort to write about my experience I just others to

know that this is a gem hiding in the mountains. If you want to lose weight, exercise, or just relax they have it


Friday, July 27, 2018

Behind The Wall

Mixed emotions bottled up about what is showing up in the media about this wall.

Let me paint the picture for you. You are on a mission to make a better life for your family .

You might have been running away from someone trying to kill you so your family pays to get you here .

You're seeking to get away from whatever it is that we might never know. 

Only thing they separate you from your young children, your wife, and your family trying to break you.

Land of the free doesn't want you to come to the United States you're labeled a murder, rapist, and unfit to come here. We don't want you to take jobs away that even the low income don't want but we don't want you to have it.

What resonates with everyone hearing this on the news, reading it in the newspapers and hearing on the

radio is that higher up sitting in a oval office justified the treatment.

I can only share from my perspective from my ancestors that were  brought over in slaves ships, sold as cattle, and separated. Some never to find their siblings, spouses and children again because they were sold into slavery.

Looking at documentation of bill of sale the names were not used. Picture kings, queens, and their children separated. Or they were just a family like you and I in their surroundings when they were captured. Shoved onto a ship, shackled, and brought to various destinations to work the land.

There are others who made it to Ellis Island from all parts of the world  that know what I talking about. Not being sold but separated to

live with various family members. Not having room for the whole family to be together. Wanting to have a better life. You agreed but it might mean you're in your country and your child is here.

A young child separated from their family member, not speaking the language, and being yelled at. Told that they would reunited to hush us up. Lies! Lies! Lies! Seeing pictures of the young toddler standing there while her shoe laces are removed is etched in my memory.

There are some children still not reunited with their family members, sold into adoption and the parent not being able to stop this. You see the pattern repeating ! Welcome to the United States !

With all this going on the United States is divided on their feelings on the treatment of children. We want them to stay behind the wall! Don't come around, don't come under, and don't come through the wall! Hurling slurs to hurt their families, their race, and those who support them that are in political offices. Now we might not have Social Security by the time we retire but let's use the taxpayer's money to pay for that wall!

Let me ask the historians who are out there have you read the article published in the National Geographic

who first colonized America?. Instead of trying to block people with a wall look at it as people  as those

trying to come back home!

Submitted by
Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Poet, Blogger


Monday, July 2, 2018

Author M.C. Walker stops by to discuss her latest book

Book Excerpt

I’ll never forget the day my mother said to me, “Everybody is not your friend.” I don’t remember my age. I was relatively young and quite impressionable. Her words haunted me for a while and stuck inside my head like chewing gum on a shoe. I remember telling myself, she had to be wrong. My friends were really my friends. They liked me just as much as I liked them. Over time I’d find myself in these one-sided friendships. Friendships that were harmful, negative, catty, and downright a waste of my time and energy. Whenever a friendship would end I could still hear my mother’s words replaying in my mind. I’d find myself often in between trying to repair the friendship in some way or filling a void of regret in my heart. Often in my younger years I found myself being a people pleaser/friendship resolver. I wanted people to like me. I desperately wanted my friendships to last forever. I wanted to be a part of the conversation, share a laugh, a secret, trade clothes, and whisper about a childhood crush. These were my values as a girl. A sweet and kindhearted girl with too many ideas, a lukewarm admiration for books, and awkwardly quiet until comfortable. Although I wanted these micro friendships to last my entire lifetime. They would eventually end in a petty disagreement or my lack of willingness to do what the other person wanted. Even as a young girl I was always cautious. Cautious to skip class or talk back to the teacher. Although I pushed my limits occasionally with a friend. I knew my limits and that limit included a phone call to my mother. Even though I had my own mind, my friends’ thoughts and impressions had an influence on me.

I remember being in the third grade. My best friend at the time and I were practically inseparable. We’d sit together at breakfast and lunch. Pass notes in the classroom. We even started wearing training bras together. This was my friend. I trusted her with all my secrets. But sometimes my friend would get me in serious trouble. One time she asked me to walk home with her to get something. Now, mind you we lived in the same neighborhood. Maybe about a block apart. But I had strict instructions from my aunt and mom that when the school bell rang. I was to wait for my cousin and sister and we were to walk home together. On this day, those instructions went out of the window. I walked my friend home and stayed a few minutes longer than I should have. All the school children were at home with their parents and my sister and cousin were nowhere in sight. I was in big trouble. When I walked into the house I had a belt with my name on it waiting for me. 

Although my friend and I got in trouble for several things. I learned early on that I placed a high value on friendship. I looked at my friends as an extension of my family. It took me quite some time to understand that although I valued friendships. I was giving people power and influence over me. In my mind, if we were friends, I could forgive you for talking behind my back or forgetting my birthday. When one of my friends would hurt me or say something I didn’t like. I’d let it ride for a few days and let it blow over. I needed to avoid confrontation at all cost. Why? I didn’t want to get into a fight at school. For one, I didn’t know how to fight and two I didn’t want the bruises or embarrassment. 

"Whoever does your hair be fucking your shit up?" A girl once said to me.
I was in high school at the time. She was a pretty girl, smart, and well-liked by others. We'd shared a few laughs occasionally and a class every now and then. Our friendship was blossoming over frozen pizza and milk.

About Me:

 Humble with a hint of Kanye. M.C. Walker is a creative visionary from the great city of Atlanta.  With a passion for reading, writing was a natural progression for the Georgia native.  Featured in the bestselling anthology from Brown Girls Publishing, The Dating Game was confirmation that M.C. Walker was on the right path.  M.C. Walker was propelled to pursue a career in the literary industry. In 2017, M.C. Walker successfully self-published her first debut novel One More Thing. Later adapting the novel into a stage production Baby When I Used To Love You.
With contemporary women's fiction e-books Someone To Love Me, The Perfect Match, Merry Christmas Baby, Love In The Afternoon: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems, Upside Down In Love, Before The Lights Go Out, Being Naomi, and One More Thing. Her upcoming nonfiction book Pieces of Me : Things I've Learned Along The Way will be available April 6, 2018.

M.C. Walker has successfully adapted her first fiction novel One More Thing into a successful stage production. Baby, When I Used To Love You debuted to two sold out shows in November 2017. While building a successful following on social media, M.C. Walker has successfully contributed to the thought provoking conversation of the ground-breaking drama series Queen Sugar on the OWN network.
  • Describe your brand. I inspire women of different backgrounds and lifestyles to live their best lives. How? By being open and transparent about my life experiences, living purposeful, inspiring many to have a faith-based relationship, and creating motivational content. I motivate, inspire, and transform lives.
  • Where do you get your ideas from? I get my ideas from my dysfunctional yet very colorful life. I’m very humble by where I am in my and where I’m going in the future. I believe by being an open book people can get a better understanding of my voice. I like to share and discuss my heartache, career challenges, and balancing parenting.
  • What are some of your challenges as an author, blogger, content creator, and playwright? The biggest challenge for me is time management. I have idea overloads and very little time to get everything I want to accomplish in one day.  I balance everything by sacrificing my free time and maximizing my time to the max. I use a weekly/monthly planner, calendar, and remain on a tight deadline. I work twice as hard, remain consistent, and rest when necessary.
  • What are you most proud of in your career ? I’m proud of all of my accomplishments. The one that sticks out the most to me is being a playwright. I created something from the ground up, learned about the business, and executed a plan successfully.
  • What is your life motto or favorite quote ? “Stop waiting for permission” Ava Duvernay
  • What do you want your message to be to the world? I want people to know that anything is possible when you align with God. Let go and let God use you. I focused , opened my heart, and took many huge leaps of faith and my life is the result.
  • What is your best advice to follower, reader , or supporter of your work ? I am only the example of what God can do. If He can do it for me, He can do the same thing for you. 
  • Where do you see yourself in five or ten years from now ? I see myself on the Bestseller’s List, traveling the world with my husband and kids, touching massive lives with my films and books, and still keeping God at the forefront of all things.
  • What is one thing a lot of people don’t know about you ? I’m afraid of heights. Rollercoasters are not my things. I like beautiful views. But, jumping out of a plane is not on my bucket list.
  • Just for fun: Pancakes or waffles? Early bird or night owl? Outliner or seat of the pants? 

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