Sunday, June 24, 2018

Not Another Son!

We are so numb to the news now. Another black man shot, killed, and a protest! Time goes by and within 24 hours another part of the United States "Breaking News" another black child, teenager,and man is killed! It's 2018 and I am 53 years old. As a nation are we not moving forward? Why do I think I am living in a Jim Crow area? Why do I feel that now we as a people don't value another person's life. We don't mind killing someone who looks like us. 

If you did your research you would probably see that you're killing someone from your own tribe, a blood relative, and someone son . I have seen cousins in opposite gangs ready to kill their blood relative for the gang. My mind can't take it because the same blood that runs through you is running through me. 

I have written five books and in each I always write poems about the mass killing in our community, senseless killing of a man over selling a cigarette, another pulling a empty clip out of his pocket, sitting in a car with his child, or worse walking home with a bag of Skittles. 

We blackball a black man who uses his platform to bring national attention to police brutality! We are seeing more and more on the news video footage from bodycam to show what happened, officers on paid leave, and then back to work. The family questioning the system that is locking up so many black men for years for minor offenses yet something so blatant is excused.

We legalize weed smoking but that's not what is killing us. Strange thing is the same drug that killing the poor in the urban community, the one that rich are driving into those areas to get,is also having rivals kill if you enter into their block for control. 

The saying is stay woke! Don't think that it can't happen into your family. Do you think that a parent woke up today and said today is the day that my child won't come home. A spouse won't be able to provide for the family. 

I come from a large family majority are males. I pray over each daily because though we're not perfect. Some have done things that have put them in a situation that they could have been locked up or dead.  I want them to each make it home. I want them to each be the man, father, and spouse to their families. I want them to age to be old like my father who died at 92. The stories he shared growing up from 1904, seeing black only water fountain, entering in back doors, and to fulfill his dream of owning properties. My family is a melting pot we all look different, mixed with all races, and my concern is now growing larger. I just want the killing to stop and not another son to be lost to the streets, not another son to be killed, not another son!

Submitted by:

Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Poet, and Blogger

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Virtual Book Tour Stops at Blessed & Curvy

Write Now Literary Book Tours is pleased to be coordinating a book tour for author Joanne Otto. This is a two-month book tour for her books: The You-Song and Daughter of Jerusalem. This tour will run June- July, 2018.
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Joanne Otto is a lifelong student of the Bible who has taken four exciting tours of Bible lands and done extensive research, including numerous courses. She has taught foreign languages and English and more recently, as an academic language therapist, has helped dyslexic children strengthen their reading and writing skills. Also a music lover and amateur pianist, she especially enjoys accompanying singers. Website:
                About the Book The You-Song celebrates, in a way young children can understand, the unique and vital place each of us occupies in God's world and encourages them to fill their place in it with joy. Written by a teacher who's helped many children overcome reading challenges, "The You-Song" is user-friendly, consisting of words that are either familiar or easy to decode. Lavishly illustrated with nearly 50 heart-warming photos, it's also fun to read aloud to pre-readers. Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction                                                                                                     About the Book
Daughter of Jerusalem" takes its 21st-century readers on a journey back to the first-century world of a young rabbi named Yeshua—better known to us as Jesus. Mara, the young heroine of this story, gets to mingle with the crowds who come to hear him teach during his visits to Jerusalem and, finally, to meet him face to face in a brief, life-changing encounter—one that comes at no small cost to herself. For middle-grade readers who want to use the book as a springboard for deeper study, there are Bible references and questions on each chapter, as well as a glossary. For others, the story itself will be the full journey. Genre: Christian Fiction Purchase Link: Tour hosted by Write Now Literary Book Tours.... " We take the stress out of promoting."
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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Reaching Out

Reaching Out 

Recently I been having difficulty posting on my blog. Right after Mother's Day my desire was diminished to sit down and share my thoughts with anyone. I should be celebrating the woman who was my Mother. Instead it was if someone has snatched the scab off and I had to deal with the feelings.

The feelings of not being able to call her to tell her about my new job. To share about my recent 

accomplishments. To call her and gossip about my siblings and hear her advice. There was something that I felt others whose Mother had passed where sharing on Facebook a grieving for your best friend their Mom.

What I decided to is take care of myself. Write down everything that I want to do,celebrate life, and do them. 

Take myself out to dinner, go for a long ride, purchase only items that I needed and not what I wanted. 

Make sure that I don't go binge shopping to make my sadness go away. I write down a list of items to buy. One item is alarming.

I found myself looking for a cotton night gown, store after store, and not seeing what I was looking for.  My 

sisters were puzzled why after 53 years was I looking a cotton nightgown?  Never registering that what I 

was describing that I wanted was exactly what my Mother wore. 

It wasn't until I looked at the calendar that I realized that her birthday is June 6th, I might keep myself busy,

and think that I am fine but I was reaching out. I was looking for that security. That feeling of knowing that with change that I would be okay. Though I never found the cotton night gown I realized what I was going 

through.  I went into my home office and opened the box with all the framed pictures. There is her photos 

I had put away because I didn't want to remember the pain. 

Slowly these past weeks I acknowledge that I am my Mother's daughter. My mannerisms are so much like her that I beam with pride. I miss her dearly. I celebrate her life and all that she stood for. God, family and friends. I am reaching out to wish you a Happy Birthday Rev. Betty L. Saunders. R.I.P.

Submitted by:

Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Poet and Blogger