Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Write Now Literaryis pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour for We Are One by Muriel Gladney. The book tour will run June 24-July 5, 2019. Book a tour here.
Book Title: We Are One         
Genre: Non-Fiction
ISBN-10: 1644387190
ISBN-13: 978-1644387191
Meet Muriel
An abusive childhood had led me to become a full-blown atheist by the time I was 16. God introduced Himself when I was 52. This journey to true life is recorded in my book: Mine: An Everlasting Promise of Love, Deliverance, and Wholeness.
Now 76, I have spent the last twenty-four years learning to walk free in the shoes of being a child of God, while also honing my God-given skills as an ambassador and writer for Jesus, author, and speaker. After moving to California, I returned to college at the age of 61. There I received an Associate Degree in Arts with honors, functioned as a reporter and Editor-In-Chief of the college newspaper, along with receiving numerous rewards for writing, such as the 0CCWF Beverly Bush Smith award. I am also published in God Encounters, a book by author James Stuart Bell. 
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About The Book
We Are One presents an unchanged, endless, truth—women were not created to live in disappointment, disillusionment, and defeat.  We Are One is bursting with inspiration and encouragement as each chapter utilizes the raw, true life, experiences of several women who endured personal pain and yet came through empowered and victorious.  How? Through the use of a key that a woman never knew she had. We Are One unveils the key.  It will heal a woman’s soul, as item powers her to live a life that is not defined by trials and persecution. Women will know the power of a woman’s purposed influence and thus her eternal value.
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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Level Up

My blogs cover everything from poetry, articles on world news, and featuring new authors. As a self published author who has written five books over a seven year period I wanted to take it up a notch and challenge myself. A thought crossed my mind when I meet readers at book signings and present as a panelist on various topics at events there is never enough time to cover topics that touch them. It was a couple of years ago that I posted on social media my dream to have a seminar to help people on topics of real estate, women issues, financial planning and relationships. Now I am putting plans to a goal that is coming into fruition.

 I am preparing to travel to Louisville, Kentucky to get certification to present seminars and workshops on topics of Women's Issues and Diversity, Me Too Syndrome, Workplace Harassment, Bullying and Depression. My books have covered majority of the topics in poetry and nonfiction but this will be a platform that the audience will be able to hear the guest speakers, ask questions, and apply the principles.

 When I started writing my first book my purpose was to write a book each year so that my words would be my legacy if I inherit Alzheimer's. I decided to level up and let my words not only be on paper but to be heard for the masses to hear and hopefully help someone who is going through a struggle know that there is light on the other side. Life is always about the next chapter that you preparing for.

I look forward to the challenge and I am ready to level up!

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Excuse me ! It's still my decision isn't it ?

I try not to ever get political when it comes to my blog but.... Here is a topic that I have to vent. The year is 2019 and now we are going to have men decide what women can do with their bodies AGAIN. Alabama stated that they were going to reverse their law on abortion. That anyone that is found to have perform an abortion will be sentenced to 99 years in prison. So many emotions are going through my head that I want to scream! If I a woman or child who was sexually assaulted had gotten pregnant by her attacker that she would have to have the child because it wasn't the child's fault, they are saying that from the moment of conception the woman's rights stops, no matter how traumatic it is going to be for her, that her voice means nothing! Do you know what this means? Before Roe vs. Wade there were women who were impregnated and decided that they didn't want to have the child they went to someone who wasn't not medically licensed within the state, hadn't gone to school to have credentials behind their name, but used instruments to remove the fetus. Women bled to death, got infections and became sterile. Worse there will be those who are poor who will use measures to end it themselves the millennial have no idea about the wire hangers but there are older elders who share stories. Let's go to the other extreme a woman is going to give birth to a child and tests are performed by a licensed OB-GYN that advises her life is at risk, that the child will have complications , may be deformed, may have a medical condition that any adult wouldn't want to be in and the parents can't make the decision to terminate the pregnancy. I had to research the definition of what an abortion is because the terminology is being thrown around loosely to fit the agenda ? Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy by removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus. An abortion that occurs without intervention is known as a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. As I am sitting here my minds is wondering is this really about abortions? Is this about regulating the woman's reproductive system? Other states are joining the discussion reversing a law went to the Supreme Court in 1973 that was to protect the woman's right is going to the courts again with old men deciding. This isn't about religion because there are plenty sitting in church pews now that had miscarriages induced and yes abortions. It's bad enough women don't make equal pay, research for diseases that are killing women don't get the funding they deserve, women have been raped and assaulted and it didn't come to the forefront until #metoo movement and now my sisters across the states voices are to be silenced they don't have a choice on what they can do with their bodies if they are pregnant under a specified amount of months? Sign petitions, protest, and let your voice be heard! Those that represents you in Congress and your state capital need to know women do have voices! Loud and Clear! Submitted by Author Patricia A. Saunders Poet, Author, Speaker

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Creative Expressions Literary Services is pleased to announce Virtual Book Tour for Whatever May Come by Tracee Lydia Garner. The tour will run April 21-27, 2019.

Author Name: Tracee Lydia Garner Book 
Title: Whatever May Come Book Release 
Date: April 19, 2019 
Genre: Multicultural, Inspirational, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

About the Author

Tracee Lydia Garner is a speaker, private writing coach and author of twelve books. Born and raised in the DC Area, she holds a degree in Communications from Old Dominion University. She tremendously enjoys the written and spoken word and prior to entertaining full-length novels, was a contributor to her alma mater's campus literary magazine for her poetry. Whatever May Come is her 12th book and revisits the Jameson Family, a well to do family from the DC area. This family saga will have four books total in the series.

In addition to writing, Trace enjoys marketing, graphic design, making video trailers for her books with popular apps, event and conference planning, reading of course and she's also a recovering shopaholic.

Tracee is a member of the Washington Romance Writers (DC) Chapter, the Association of Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Virginia chapter, and the Faith, Hope and Love, online-only chapter of the RWA.

About The Book
School teacher Tisha Jameson flees her Virginia hometown to start afresh in Macon, Georgia. Although she hadn’t planned on falling in love with former pro football player Chase Alton, Chase's son Thomas is determined to get them together somehow. Before long, the pair come to realize that they are unable to resist one another and Chase will discover what a caring mother figure Tish can be for his son. But when Tish finds out that the danger she thought she’d outrun for good has followed her across state lines, Chase and Tish find out what love really means.

Tisha breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that Sharon Wellington, the first woman to befriend her when she’d moved to Macon, was now involved. She let go of the child reluctantly, already feeling an all-too-familiar misplaced responsibility for Marina’s condition. Tisha felt helpless, although she reminded herself hurriedly that the child’s name was Marina, not Melinda. Tisha wondered vaguely who had called the ambulance, as she heard its faint wail from outside. Thank goodness someone had called them. She felt sick to her stomach and no longer had the strength to remain standing.

A flood of relief came over Tisha, then her legs buckled and she felt herself collapse to the floor. Then she saw Thomas. His eyes were flooded with tears and his face was drawn in concern. She wanted to be strong for him, but the worst headache she’d had in her entire life now pounded her skull. He looks every bit like Chase was her last thought as her eyes closed. “I’m all right, Thomas,” she whispered as she felt his hand touch her shoulder – then her head gave an almighty throb and she collapsed into an unknown darkness.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Fresh Start


I took the month of December off for personal reasons. I was purging negativity from my life.

I went through my closets and started getting rid of clothing that no longer fit, had worn out it's welcome.

I was baking a lot and only wanted a slice but my co-workers enjoyed it.

I felt that I was going through a writer's block and the words couldn't come out.

It hit me like a brick it was December. It would be the time to reflect on my life and had I grown.

It was the time of year where the grieving started again and it had been 12 years since she passed.

I felt that the world was going to swallow me up and spit me out and I wasn't  ready!

I haven't been going to church where I am able to normally go and get rejuvenated. The silly reason

they changed the time , it was only supposed to be for the summer, and it went past that . I was protesting.

The only one that I was hurting was myself because I needed the word of encouragement, the word of

guidance, and the word to tell me where to go next. I felt lost! Does anyone else go through this?

As an outgoing person I had been becoming more and more an introvert. Not wanting to deal with

people wanting to challenge me because I had nothing to prove to them.  Not wanting to deal with crowds.

Not wanting to dress up and put on heels these were things that I had once loved to do.

So reality slapped me up side my head and said snap out of it !.

My first step was to pray on it.  I prayed that those who loved me would support me. Those who were

trying to be users would be removed.  I prayed to let go of things that weren't worth holding on to.

I started watching less television and spending more time reading. Something that I loved to do as a child.

I then started planning outing with friends that I had stopped being around and realized that they were also

going through a storm . We were both coming out on the other side and ready to live life to the fullest.

Trips are being planned for 2019. Heels are being ordered to replace the Nike's in the closet.

Church service is going back to the time that I preferred to go. Resume is being updated with all the new

experiences that I have learned. The wall that I had put up to protect my heart is lowering to take risks and

feel again.

I have gone through each room of my home to declutter. I have a freeing feeling that has come over myself

and it might sound passe' but its a fresh start and that's all it takes. Sometimes we go into a funk and can't

figure out why . It could be that we are overwhelmed, overworked, or just needing to take a mental break.

December is the month that my Mother passed 12 years ago and I know it like clock work that I will

feel sad, on top of that my sibling had gotten sick and my job was going to a reorganization. I am still here

I made it through all of it without a scratch. I feel alive again and for the first day of the new year I am looking

forward to new beginnings! Here's to a fresh start !

Submitted by :
Blessed Poet Pat
aka Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Poet, Blogger