Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Why I hate Cancer!!!!

Coming from a large family is a blessing, tons of gatherings, laughs, and sharing history

I was going through pictures and seeing siblings, cousins, and friends who died from cancer

I realized that there is a history that we share. All forms of cancer from bone, prostate, breast, to lung caner.

I have had my own scares with biopsies for breast, uterus and tongue cancer.

I still have a marker in my body for them to track the size of the lump in my breast that they said isn't


Looking at my friends and family go from being healthy, not a care in the world and then BOOM the results!

We have so many dollars going to research

Supposed to be able to detect it sooner

Changing diets and exercise

Why does it still exist?

You want to pray it away

You want to comfort them through their treatments

You want to say it won't come back I promise

You want to be strong for them when they are weak

You know when you know someone so well that even though they don't tell you something is wrong

You know deep down something is changing

I was so impacted with  family members dying that I wrote a couple of poems: "C" I hate you, 5 - year sentence, and right now I am sitting here numb because she been keeping a secret from me but today she slipped. She said it she is not depressed because of the CANCER

The special gift my parents passed to me was to pray. Pray through the good and the bad.

Cancer is killing young and old. Doesn't discriminate.  Let those who represent your voice in Washington , DC know that you want money allocated to Cancer Research because there is one too many dying! We want a cure! If they can find a cure with animals why can't they with humans?

About the Author
Patricia A. Saunders resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a Masters in Management from the University of Phoenix. After the passing of her mother who had Alzheimer's, Patricia decided that all the words she had kept to herself should be released. She became a self-published author, releasing her book of poems, Through the Fire (2012), Loving Me (2013) and Let It Rain (2014) and This Too Shall Pass (2016) . Patricia has collaborated with other authors from around the world on various books. She is a motivational speaker who travels the country sharing her story of being a caregiver, having faith, and surviving through her circumstances.  In her spare time, Patricia enjoys writing poetry, traveling, and wine tasting.

Patricia A. Saunders
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