Monday, December 2, 2013

Got to Kiss alot of Toads

Got to Kiss Alot of Toads

Have you heard that phrase?
You got to kiss alot of toads before you find your prince
I remember when I was much younger a girlfriend explaining don't fret over lost love another love was coming
I even remember another saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea
So the question I poise is are you settling for a toad passing for a prince or is he really the prince?
I see women at various stages of their lives and they just give up or give in
They decide that they want to be in a relationship so some will dumb up
Meaning that they downplay intelligence
They don't share their true value for fear of rejection
If they have acquired assets they will tell the male they lie and say they don't
Who wants to be in a relationship where you are starting off with lies
I remember my parents stating that you have to be evenly yokes
Meaning you have the same values
You have the same morals
You acquire to want to both elevate each other
Times have changed where women are now in more leadership roles at work
They are coming into situations where they have to be aggressive
That doesn't mean that they still don't want to be courted
That doesn't mean that because she travels, is educated, and has some coins in her pocket that she is trying to reverse the roles and have a kept man
I am not giving up on the prince
He's out there and he has to find me not the other way around
Do I really have to kiss alot of toads?
Is there a secret that needs to be shared?
He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing
So let me put some Oh Baby Mac Lip gloss
Can't tell which toad is going to turn into the prince but practice makes perfect

by Patricia A. Saunders
Self Published Author of Loving Me and Through the Fire