Tuesday, August 12, 2014

“Looking for the Adventurous Me”

“Looking for the Adventurous Me”

Have you ever thought “There has got to be something better?” I was yearning for something new. I tried to diet, tried to exercise, and I was in a slump. I was looking to get recharged. I was awakening by a notification of my email that I received in June from Red Mountain Resort in St. George Utah. I thought this is it!!! I immediately responded back that I was interested in going and could I attend a travel agent trip. Within minutes the answer came back “Yes” and everything from that point was in divine order.
I made my reservation, booked my shuttle and airline ticket. I wasn’t one to exercise but I got looked at all the activities and thought this would be my opportunity to get back in shape, take a hike, and pamper myself. They had horseback riding, yoga, morning hikes, 50 minute massage among other activities included. I felt myself bragging that I was going to a resort and I was alive again. I had always been adventurous as a youngster and somewhere as I aged I stopped. I ran out and purchased new funky glasses, went shopping for yoga and exercise clothing. Watch out here I come!
When I arrived in Las Vegas and took the two hour scenic drive to St. George and started getting spiritual in regards to looking at the wonders that were created in the shapes of mountains. Various colors red, brown and the green cactus I couldn’t wait to get to the resort. When we pulled up I was greeted by the friendly staff and taken on a tour of the vast property. There was something for everyone. If a group came they could stay in the villas, two girlfriends in a regular building named after animals, and if others traveled solo they still didn’t stick out. The property is pet friendly and I saw a couple who brought their cute puppy.
The next morning I was ready to do yoga, Thai Chi, and bootyque classes. There were so many classes to choose from some at an additional cost but worth every penny. The food was included and each meal was prepared like a 5 –star restaurant. I learned that they property could only serve beer and wine and they found a distributor that fermented wine to taste like tequila, vodka and rum. I found myself planning my day out for every hour, including going to the spa for massages daily, and I felt a change happening.
While out on an evening photography hike standing in the middle of a labyrinth the reality hit me. That the world response to our energy and that there was no need for fear, that I needed to put myself first, and that I learned that I needed to mediate more to be at peace within. The trip ended and I posted the pictures showing every one of the trip that awaken that youthful, adventurous, and spiritual centered me.

Thank you Red Mountain Resort

By Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Poet and Motivational Speaker