Thursday, July 23, 2015

She Looks Like Me

She looks like me

All the details aren’t out but she looks like me
What if I decided I wanted to travel to another state?
I decide to drive my car and don’t realize a headlight is out
What if I am stopped but a cop who wants to make his quota?
She looks like me
What if I can’t believe that I am being stopped?
The racial tension is thick as a knife
I am being arrested for a traffic stop
What do I do?
What if I am handcuffed, taken in, and while I behind the walls of a prison
I call my family pleading to get me out
This is something no one was expecting and they are getting money together
Something happened
No one knows what
They said I committed suicide
Did I?
Will the record show?
My heart aches for Sandra Bland because as a African American woman
She looks like me

Contributed by Patricia A. Saunders
Author of Let It Rain