Monday, June 26, 2017

Black Woman

For the Black Woman who said she had enough
Going through the motion of getting up every day for the job she hated. Something had changed this was the job that was her saving grace. She was about to give up and they called her. They needed her talent and she was excited but the game had changed. Making sure every hair was in place; splash of color on the lips and she checks in the mirror .She doesn’t see her but the image that they have painted on her. She says she is ready for whatever comes her way.  Pulls into the parking lot and her breath hasten. Walking into the building she is psyching herself up like she is the headliner for the show. She greets her coworkers and she walks to sit at her desk it comes over her.
As a Black Woman we are nurturers like a cloak it just happens. It naturally comes upon us and a few take heed.  I was one of the few. We fix the problems when they happen. Everyone comes to us and even if we don’t know the answer we are on a rampage to find it and get the praise that we saved the day. We have the creative gene to put together a luncheon to feed many with a nickel and dime. Going into a meeting we are often the one not heard. That’s right we are the first one to attend, listen to what is said, raised our hands and speak and the answer isn’t accepted. A few minutes later someone paraphrases our suggestion and it’s accepted.  Maybe someone will speak up and say that’s what she just said but you sit there. You start acknowledging that your ideas are going forth just not with you as the author.
You lean on other Black Women who mentor you, advise you to keep a list of your accomplishments, and add them to your resume. The resume is looking impressive to others it’s just your self esteem has been battered with thinking that you’re not good enough. Until!
One day your eyes are opened when you realize all that you have done for the company, the revenue that was brought in, the motivation that you poured into employees who were subpar and were now eating at the head table. You look at the management team and you see all the hoops that you had to go through, the credentials, the degrees, and the silver platter was being presented to someone who had nothing but was a part of the good boys club. When you speak you are now demanding to be heard. You aren’t afraid but you’re no longer invisible. They try to label you as the Angry Black Woman to which you reply that you’re confident in whom you are but Angry you are not!
One day you wake up and have a serendipity moment because you finally see yourself in the mirror. You see the value that you bring to the table. You decide that this particular table is not one you want to ever eat from. You exhale when open the door to leave for work. You come into the building and greet everyone. They say there is something different about you. You smile and you say thank you! As you gather your belonging from your desk you have a sense of peace that comes over you. You are from a lineage of strong Black Women who have gone before you and paved the way. You are a Shirley Chisholm, Madam C.J. Walker, Carol Moseley-Braun, and Ursula Burns. Today you are a Black Woman who had enough and walked into your purpose! 


Submitted by:
Patricia A. Saunders
Blogger, Author, Poet

Monday, June 12, 2017


Change definitiion

change (chānj) v. changed, chang·ing, chang·es. 1. a. To cause to be different: change the spelling of a word. b. To give a completely different form or ... 

They say change is good

I want to hold onto the past

In the past I had my Mother and Father still living

In the past there road trips to see family members who are now passed

In the past I was in love with my soul mate but I didn't know at the time he was the one

Change is supposed to be good

It should let you increase knowledge

It might mean  that you relocate

It could be advancement

Those that hold onto to the past and don't want change

They are classified as stuck

I don't know about you but it seems difficult to let go

Accept something new

The uncertainty

The fear

The chance to experience something new let it become part of the routine

Tuck the past away not to be forgotten

Let it be a reference in case you need it


Ready set go!

Let me know your feelings about change

Stay Blessed,

Patricia A. Saunders

Author, Blogger, Poet

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

You're Invited

I am excited for the weekend coming up. Sunday especially I look forward to meeting readers . Stop by booth 334 where I will be doing a book signing.

From 10am -6pm

Civic Center Park, Berkley CA 

See you there!

Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Blogger, and Poet

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Why I hate Cancer!!!!

Coming from a large family is a blessing, tons of gatherings, laughs, and sharing history

I was going through pictures and seeing siblings, cousins, and friends who died from cancer

I realized that there is a history that we share. All forms of cancer from bone, prostate, breast, to lung caner.

I have had my own scares with biopsies for breast, uterus and tongue cancer.

I still have a marker in my body for them to track the size of the lump in my breast that they said isn't


Looking at my friends and family go from being healthy, not a care in the world and then BOOM the results!

We have so many dollars going to research

Supposed to be able to detect it sooner

Changing diets and exercise

Why does it still exist?

You want to pray it away

You want to comfort them through their treatments

You want to say it won't come back I promise

You want to be strong for them when they are weak

You know when you know someone so well that even though they don't tell you something is wrong

You know deep down something is changing

I was so impacted with  family members dying that I wrote a couple of poems: "C" I hate you, 5 - year sentence, and right now I am sitting here numb because she been keeping a secret from me but today she slipped. She said it she is not depressed because of the CANCER

The special gift my parents passed to me was to pray. Pray through the good and the bad.

Cancer is killing young and old. Doesn't discriminate.  Let those who represent your voice in Washington , DC know that you want money allocated to Cancer Research because there is one too many dying! We want a cure! If they can find a cure with animals why can't they with humans?

About the Author
Patricia A. Saunders resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a Masters in Management from the University of Phoenix. After the passing of her mother who had Alzheimer's, Patricia decided that all the words she had kept to herself should be released. She became a self-published author, releasing her book of poems, Through the Fire (2012), Loving Me (2013) and Let It Rain (2014) and This Too Shall Pass (2016) . Patricia has collaborated with other authors from around the world on various books. She is a motivational speaker who travels the country sharing her story of being a caregiver, having faith, and surviving through her circumstances.  In her spare time, Patricia enjoys writing poetry, traveling, and wine tasting.

Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Poet, and Blogger

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Guest Blogger M. C. Walker Debuts New Book at Blessed & Curvy

One More Thing
Authored by M. C. Walker
ISBN-13: 978-1544903019
ISBN-10: 1544903014
 BISAC: Fiction / Contemporary Women

 Free spirited, thirty something, dancer Monica Charles doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to men, but now Anthony's come along. Handsome, funny, and attentive, Anthony. He could be her Mr. Right. Things are looking up for Monica… apart from one small problem, well a rather large and annoying problem...., District Attorney, devilishly handsome and charming, Chase Fitzpatrick, is back and ready to put a ring on it. Monica's happy with Anthony and nothing can come in between their love, right? Chase is not taking no for an answer and will do anything to get the woman of his dreams back into his life...forever. What happens when our past interrupts our future? Monica's about to discover that the past can come back to haunt you, and the future you imagined could slip right through your fingers. Discover one woman's search for happily ever after one more time.

Author's Q & A
Where did you get the idea for this book? The idea from the book came from a short story. It was a simple story that soon became complex when I thought of the characters past and how she imagined her future. Some people leave footprints on our hearts and others leave scars. I wanted to explore the scars that we presumed are healed when we leave a relationship. Those scars teach us lessons and prepare us for the perfect love. What happens when those scars are reopened?

2. What traits and other tidbits do you share with your main character? I’m stubborn about what I want in life or about whom I love. When I set my mind to something, there is no negotiating with me. I’m going to get what I want by any means. In love, it’s all or nothing. I’m the resolver in the relationship. When I love you, it’s forever and always.

3. Did any of your inspiration for this book originate in your real-life experiences? Some of my real-life experiences inspired the book. I have stood on loves doorstep and confessed my
love. I have loved two people at once and I know what it’s like to pursue a dream and have no one to understand.

4. What made you decide to self-publish? Like most writers I eagerly wrote my first manuscript and went looking for an agent. After numerous rejection letters, I licked my wounds and went to figure out what was it that I was doing wrong. It was during that process that I learned more about the business. Self-publishing just felt like the most rewarding and humbling experience for my literary journey.

5. Are there any specific authors whose writing styles or subject matter inspired your book? I’ve always been an avid reader and many authors have inspired me. Just to name a few, Eric Jerome Dickey, Julia Blues, Electa R. Parks, Victoria C. Murray, and many more. They are all powerful storytellers and I aspire to make them proud.

6. Do you have another project in the works? If so, what is it? I have a few titles in mind. For May 2017, I have a love story about two sisters racing to the alter, titled Jumping The Broom.

7. What’s your book about? My book is about a young woman, Monica Charles that has big dreams for her life. Yet, she yearns for support from those around her especially in her family. She goes out for her dreams and meets the love of her life. They fall in love and things fall apart. She gets a second chance at love. She’s found the one. That is until, her past interrupts her future.

8. What’s your writing background? My writing background just comes from my love of reading. No degrees. Just trial and error. Reading vastly, attending workshops, and never giving up.

9. Why should someone want to read your book? Someone should read my book because it’s a relatable story that crosses gender and age. If you have ever had a dream and decided to go for it, this book is for you. If you ever loved someone and considered a second chance, this book is for you. If you believe in love and your dreams, this book is for you.

10. Who will like your book? If you are a new writer, it could be a good idea to name a few well-known writers who write in the same genre, ie “If you like emotional rollercoasters about love/relationships and the journey of self-love like Julia Blues, Lutishia Lovely, and Zuri Day you will probably enjoy my book.”

11. Where can a person find a copy of your book? Amazon or on my website

12. What do you have to say about your book/writing experience? There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. – Maya Angelou

Where can a reader find more information about you, the author? On my website,

About The Author
Born and raised in Atlanta , GA. From an early age M.C. could be found nestled in a corner inside a book or at a local bookstore. With the passion of learning and reading pushing her forward, writing became a natural progression of becoming an author. M.C. Walker is a poet, blogger, independent freelancer/ghostwriter, publisher, and bestselling author featured in the hot anthology from Brown Girls Publishing The Dating Game. She has been writing creative fiction and poetry since childhood. M.C. Walker is an active member of The Georgia Writers Association, The Atlanta Writers Club, and Women's Fiction Association. She is currently working on her debut novel One More Thing. Available March 31, 2017. In between raising her two handsome sons Khamani and Terrance Jr. M.C. Walker is committed to pursuing her goals, growing personally, and professionally, and above all else living a life that glorifies Christ. It is through her spiritual relationship with Christ that the author has felt compelled to inspire, motivate, and transform the lives of those around her through her work in the literary industry.
Contact me : (404) 447-5238

Thank you M.C. Walker for being a Guest Blogger at Blessed & Curvy. Wishing you much success with the new release!

Patricia A. Saunders
Blogger, Author, Poet

Sunday, April 30, 2017

National Poety Month - Poem by Patricia A. Saunders

The end of National Poetry Month with an excerpt from  This Too Shall Pass book of poetry.

My Son
I didn’t birth you
I just feel that I want to see you turn 21
I want to give you advice on how to make it
I want to tell you challenges are coming
I want to tell you people will judge you by the color of your skin
Not knowing who you are
It doesn’t matter
You’re my son
You will go out with your friends and feel it’s funny
To be followed
Prove you are in your own neighborhood
That the expensive car you’re driving is your parents and they worked hard to purchase it
That the clothes you have on aren’t bought with drug money
You’re going to be alone and there are going to be times you won’t get one phone call
I want you to know no matter where you come from it’s not fair
I want you to know others have come before you
Have endured worse
That they died for you to be able to be here
You’re my son
I know it hurts when people fear you because of a notion of what they see in the media
They don’t know at 10 you became the man of the house
That by 12 you had a job delivering papers
That you’re going to church every Sunday
That you lead the youth ministry
They don’t see
That you’re afraid when your face is pushed down on the pavement
That your shoulder feels like it’s burning when it’s dislocated because you’re being held by hog ties
That you’re being strong though you want to cry for your mother to come and tell them you’re innocent
You’re my son
I don’t know you but I feel your humiliation
I feel your amazement of the treatment because you were just sitting in your car waiting for your friends to come out of the store from getting a bag of chips
I know how your mother feels when she is walking down the aisle
Surrounded by family to say goodbye as you lay
In the casket
Videotapes deleted
Those who recorded with their cell phones have been arrested; harassed or worse
Their funerals are tomorrow

(c)2016 This Too Shall Pass, Authorhouse Publishing

Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Blogger, and Poet

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Investing in Y.O.U.

April is the time of year where everyone is doing their taxes

Some are looking for those tax breaks and looking for investments.

My question that I always ask is what about you?

Have you invested in getting your annual exam to make sure your health is on track?

Have you planned your spa days to unplug and unwind?

What about date nights with your love?

Are you exercising?

What I mean by the questions is that when we select to invest in stocks and bonds and don't invest in

ourselves who will reap the harvest if we're gone because we're not taking care of ourselves?

Not to be negative but to enlighten and get others to think

I stopped going out to dinner daily and started cooking at home

Pulling out my mother's china that she left to me and enjoying each chew of the food I prepared .

Reminiscing looking at the plates thinking about how she only brought the china out for special occasions.

Now I am reaping her harvest.

You heard the saying if I can go back in time with the knowledge I have now?

If that's what I could do I would laugh more, travel more, dance more.

I would match my investment in myself with rewarding myself with every time I did it with looking in the

mirror with a smile.

People would wonder why when they see me that I am always smiling.

I challenge you to try it.

I will be looking for that smile


Submitted by:
Patricia A. Saunders
Blogger, Poet, Author 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Interview with Author Patricia A. Saunders

BAN Radio Show Interview Date and Time
Please note that all shows are on Eastern Time Zone (Maryland)
Interview with Ella Curry - Monday night, 4/24/2017    
All callers and authors use the same number:   646.200.0402

8:00 - Life & Love: The Journey In Verse by Pat C. (Poetry)
8:30 - This Too Shall Pass by Patricia A. Saunders (Poetry)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What Inspired Me?

When asked the question I state it's my Mother that inspired me to write!

As a child I can remember always writing in my journal a poem or something that I tried to express. 

As a teenager I wrote about boyfriends or feelings of being hurt, in my yearbook I wrote about the 

journey of leaving middle school to go into high school, and never taking much serious. 

It wasn't until my Mother who had Alzheimer's passed unexpectedly in my 40's  that my world was turned 

upside down that I felt alone, uncertain of my emotions, and looking for a way of expression that I let my words flow. 

I  cried until my vision was blurry, I let the words flow to my fingertips, and onto paper until I was emptied. 

My thought process was I am getting older, single, no children and what would my legacy be?

If I inherit this ugly disease and can't remember my sibling's face, the love that I had for my lover, or

the experiences that I had gone through my words will last forever.

My first book Through the Fire was right after her passing and there were alot of things that I had gone 

through. I had loss so much and wanted to give up on life. I doubted my faith because how could God

take my Mother and leave me alone! Through writing I found it was therapeutic and it touched others who 

were going through it, had gone through it or knew someone that had. 

My Mother was an ordained minister with limited education yet all of her sermons she had written by hand

in spiral notebooks and while cleaning out her personal belongings reading through each one the reader 

knew that her belief was God, that no matter what he was the beginning and the end. Through reading her 

journals I felt her presence.   I found solace in the words and knew at that point that my path was different . 

I was a writer and my words if released would touch the reader to know that whatever the emotion, the 

pulse of society, the injustice, whatever faith that my words are here even when the pen stops...

Stay Blessed,

Patricia A. Saunders
Blogger, Author, and Poet

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tips for Indie Authors Selling Books At Events

Tips for Authors Selling Books At Events

When you’re a self published author you look for opportunities to promote your book and there isn’t always a handbook for what to look out for when you’re taken advantage of. So I hope to share my experience to help others and give them a game plan when asked to participate in an event.

The first experience happened years ago when I was asked by an organization to participate at the main library in San Francisco with a panel of female authors. We would take questions by a well established owner of a bookstore in the community, also answer questions from the audience and then afterwards have the opportunity of selling our books. I had gotten change for the sale of books, asked my sister to assist with selling, and was prepared to sell my own books. This was my first book and I was so excited that when they asked how much was the book I told them the price and the same book owner upped the price.  We were instructed to take our seats in a conference room behind tables, the facilitator was now the seller of our books, and we could sign books after they were purchased.  She gave everyone their net profit after she took a commission and when it was time to give my money to me she had run out of funds and would get back to me. I felt defeated not only had I brought my help, my books, and change to make for the sale of my books I was walking away empty handed and she had made my money!
Weeks later I complained to the organization that had recruited me to participate about my experience, the lack of communication from the bookstore owner and they ended up sending me a check.

Years later I had written four books and had forgotten about that experience and had received an invitation via social media to participate in a meet and greet for authors and readers. There wasn’t much to the invitation with details except that it was to meet authors and greet readers. It was private so I couldn’t share it with friends and family. So I ventured out not knowing what to expect and I am greeted by the organizer. She is setting up a camera to record the event, there is four other authors showing up and each doesn’t know what to expect. She had a table set up with all of her books and she asked one author if she brought books and she handed her a few to have on the table. Authors are competitive what you do for one we expect the same for us so I dug into my bag and handed her four of my books. She asked “how much are your books?” and I said the price and she said a higher price. A flag should have gone off in my head but my thought process was so no one would have to make change. I am nervous also because she is now explaining the details we are to introduce ourselves, what inspired each to write their books, and then read an excerpt. My mind is going in a thousand directions as well as how I am going to record my sales in my device with the new price. The event was very successful and the organizer told those interested in purchasing the books to see the cashier at the café and then go to the author to get their books autographed. Again the red flag should have been waving that something was aloof. Here is when it slaps me in the face the event is coming to a close and the organizer takes a 45% cut of the sale of my books.
Now this should have been discussed up front and the decision could have been made if I wanted to participate. A couple of suggestions were given to me by other authors. A contract could have been drafted and explained in detail what was expected of each party involved. A price would have been agreed upon and it would not look like I the author was gouging the reader with an increased price of my book. In the invitation the organizer should have stated that if an author is interested that they could call or email her for further detail. The author when asked to do a reading anywhere should ask questions because no matter who, what or where it is a business and majority of the time we forget to ask questions first before committing to the event. If you want to get the exposure you can participate and choose other ways that the reader can connect with you by giving out business cards, bookmarks, and other information about you as an author. Remember treating your time and your book like it’s a business when making appearances.
Some might feel but you sold your book? Why are you complaining? Taking a large percentage seems a bit much. I have found that retailers normally take a 40% cut and the organizer was another author who set up the event at the café. It wasn’t discussed prior and if majority of the authors are new to the business they won’t know that it’s not normal practice. I sold books to readers who I hope enjoyed the experience of my reading and hopefully will follow me on social media to be able to purchase direct from myself in the future. I am more knowledgeable now than before to make sure that before I agree I ask questions. Even if I commit to an event and purchase a table to sell books I am asking if there is anything expected at the end for example a percentage of my sales. I am asking if I have an appearance can I bring an assistant to handle my sales for me. Someone said if you take 6.75 per the number of books sold if it less than the vending fee than I made out ahead. If it is more than what I would pay in vending fees than I am at a loss. So I did make out ahead. Vending fee can be when you’re paying hundred of dollars for a table to promote your books at an event and only sell a handful of books. Knowledge is power and hopefully this will help another author to not make the mistakes that I have in the past. Here’s to promoting yourself, your books, and asking lots of questions!

Stay Blessed
Patricia A. Saunders, Blogger, Author, Poet