Saturday, April 11, 2015

I just want us all to get along

Lately it has been splattered all over the news

African American male shot in the back

African American male killed while in police custody

African American youth killed while in playground

African American male killed while walking through his neighborhood

Makes you question what is happening

Makes you scared to send your love one out

Camera phones are required

Bull’s-eye on your back is how our males feel

I'm seeing friendships ending on Facebook because a mother is teaching son how to survive to be at least 21

See it’s bring back memories for majority

See we're seeing our men leave not coming back

We're remembering them being lynched from trees

We're remembering them being burned

We're remembering them being beat beyond recognition. 

We're angry because the Civil Rights Movement was for all

We shall overcome is what we sang

It's the year 2015 and as parents, aunts, uncles, cousins we're scared because this time

It's not men hiding behind white sheets

It's some eager men who have taken an oath to protect and serve

We're seeing them confuse a Taser for a gun

We're seeing them planting evidence

We're seeing them bring the victim's character into question

Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and more are rolling in their graves

Was it all in vain?

Don't cut me off because I am voicing my opinion

Don't delete me because you don't agree

Try to understand what I am saying to my young black and brown males

Until you have to comfort the mother of the victim who died for no reason

You might not ever understand

Here's a million dollars let's switch the colors of our skin for a week

I thought not!

As a community let's not fight but look at the solution

Let's have the bull’s eye removed

Let's treat everyone the same regardless if they live in Waterbury, CT, Compton, LA or Cape Cod, Massachusetts

By Patricia A. Saunders