Saturday, June 20, 2015

Missing my Father

A Father is the first man to tell you he loves you

My Father was my best friend

I grew up knowing that I was loved, safe from harm, and that I going to be something

My Father would take me on long rides and I believe that is the reason now I love to travel

He would watch television shows where he would quiz me on what I was watching

National Geographic, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune

There wasn't computers so he invested in encyclopedia books for my education

Daddy I miss you

I miss seeing you court my Mother and take us to Howard Johnson's on Wednesdays for date nights

I loved hearing you tell stories of growing up during the Depression

You were my walking history teacher

You talked about your love of God

You taught lessons on loyalty

You said when a man loves you there isn't any questions you'll know

You said that that man will let you know you're his queen

I can still hear your deep laugh

When  I am undecided think what you would do

Daddy I miss you

You gave the best hugs

You could pray and in your quiet spirit I still feel your presence

Happy Father's Day

by Patricia A. Saunders