Friday, September 20, 2013


It has been a crazy week to say the least but I am still thankful. I am thankful that I am in my right mind, have friends and family, and I am employed.

I reflect on the week and there was the shooting at the Navy Yard in DC and it makes me wonder last Friday what was Mr. Alexis thinking.

What thoughts were crossing his mind?

Most of us are either going out with our friends on Friday night. Hey you want to meet for drinks? Yes. We go and unwind, laugh, talk about whatever.

We are driving home to be with our families. Kids tell me about your day. Honey how was your day.

We are happy that the week is over and thinking about the following week so distant.

I don't mean to come across so heavy but it makes you think.

Mental Illness is what they blame made him do this awful thing.

What are your thoughts?

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