Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Lifetime

A Lifetime

You heard the saying a person comes into your life for a reason, season and or a lifetime. 
It could be something good or bad and you will hear the same saying. 
I have had friends that I felt were my besties to later find out that they were only there for a reason. 
The reason could be to teach me about trust. It could have been to show me how to step out of self. 
I have fallen in love more times than I want to admit 
I can hear my older female friends console me and say "Girl , He was only in your life for a season" another season is coming. 
With all the wavering of relationships that I have come to face one thing. 
Someone from when I was a child to now as an adult has always been the same
He was put in my life for a reason to love me unconditionally
I see the beauty in all the seasons that he shown me
I can't complain when I am in the storm because the sunshine always outweighs the pain
He teaches me daily that with every reason there is a lesson
When the season comes to enjoy it and if there is a heart break he is there to heal it
See I am in love for a lifetime with Life
See I have some friends that have weathered the storm with me and I hope and pray that they stay for a lifetime but there is no guarantee
I would love to have a mate for a lifetime but if God doesn't see it than I have to believe I am living my purpose now. 
Don't mean to preach to anyone but just know that when everyone walks out for their reason or season
Look up for someone who is there for a lifetime.... Jesus

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