Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Heart

My Heart
I hid it for years
Didn't want to feel the pain of the hurt the one that left me with it
Walls up to protect the feelings
I met the one and I pushed him away
Not on purpose
I am crying now because I can't remember how to trust
I can't remember how to fall in love
I don't want to lose you
How do I love?
I want the love like my parents
I ask others how did they know?
You're persistent
I asked you why?
You said because there was a twinkle in my eyes
I want to love
I hold you in my arms and a flutter in my heart starts
Instead of asking others I ask you how to love
You place your hand on my heart and say trust you
I want to love you
I want to learn how to love
Lust has left and Love has come in
I want to love
I feel the pounding of my heart
The walls are tumbling down
You kiss me and between the tears
My Heart is awaken
I want to love you
You are teaching me how to love again
My Heart

Patricia A. Saunders
Author of Loving Me
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