Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Clock is Winding Down

As I age I think more about death                 

Don't ask me why but I take the time to reflect on life especially around my birthday

Questions I ponder:

Have I done everything on my bucket list?

Is there goals that I can scratch off my list that I have accomplished?

Did I say I love you to those I care about?

Has my work been all in vain?

Reading the obituaries that flash across social media death doesn't come to those who are old.

There are those who leave here because of natural causes of death, accidents, and illnesses. Infants, children

men and women are leaving their earthly home everyday. Nothing is promised. 

I know that my parents have been gone for a period of time but I still grieve them

The question that I ask  is who will shed a tear for me?

As I take my annual physical examination the doctor explained to me that my body is breaking down

Aging can impact your mind, body and your spirit

So I have to challenge myself this spring

Spring Cleaning will take a different approach

It won't be just clearing out the closets, closets, and files

I will be cleaning out the toxic relationships. Those that suck the life out of me.

Next I remember as a child I was so active and I became as I aged so accustomed to being inactive

We only get one life to live and I have to practice what I preach

I have to smell the flowers, travel the world, and move to the beat of a different drum

The clock is winding down but I got so much more to complete before it stops

I write this blog monthly and I love to hear from you

Whether it be words of encouragement, how you deal with challenges, are you doing your own self inventory?

Submitted :
Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Blogger, Poet

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