Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What Inspired Me?

When asked the question I state it's my Mother that inspired me to write!

As a child I can remember always writing in my journal a poem or something that I tried to express. 

As a teenager I wrote about boyfriends or feelings of being hurt, in my yearbook I wrote about the 

journey of leaving middle school to go into high school, and never taking much serious. 

It wasn't until my Mother who had Alzheimer's passed unexpectedly in my 40's  that my world was turned 

upside down that I felt alone, uncertain of my emotions, and looking for a way of expression that I let my words flow. 

I  cried until my vision was blurry, I let the words flow to my fingertips, and onto paper until I was emptied. 

My thought process was I am getting older, single, no children and what would my legacy be?

If I inherit this ugly disease and can't remember my sibling's face, the love that I had for my lover, or

the experiences that I had gone through my words will last forever.

My first book Through the Fire was right after her passing and there were alot of things that I had gone 

through. I had loss so much and wanted to give up on life. I doubted my faith because how could God

take my Mother and leave me alone! Through writing I found it was therapeutic and it touched others who 

were going through it, had gone through it or knew someone that had. 

My Mother was an ordained minister with limited education yet all of her sermons she had written by hand

in spiral notebooks and while cleaning out her personal belongings reading through each one the reader 

knew that her belief was God, that no matter what he was the beginning and the end. Through reading her 

journals I felt her presence.   I found solace in the words and knew at that point that my path was different . 

I was a writer and my words if released would touch the reader to know that whatever the emotion, the 

pulse of society, the injustice, whatever faith that my words are here even when the pen stops...

Stay Blessed,

Patricia A. Saunders
Blogger, Author, and Poet

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