Monday, March 5, 2018

There Is Sunshine After The Rain - Poetry Excerpt

A Book Excerpt from There Is Sunshine After The Rain

Stop Waiting
Waiting for the special day
Don’t eat off that china
Save it
Don’t wear those diamonds
Let them sparkle when you go some place
Save your money for that rainy day
Keep cutting out pictures of places you want to go
Bucket list getting longer
Don’t sit in the living room, that’s for special guests
That new restaurant that everyone is going to
You dream of going one day
Your favorite dish is lasagna
You only eat it for special occasions
Those red bottoms or whatever shoes you saw in the magazine
You’ve seen them in the store, looked at the price tag, put them back
As you age and the reality settles in
The gray hairs appear around your temple
You got a collection building up in the garage of items for those special days
The dust is collecting on your dreams
Finally you come home
Open the windows
Let the fresh air in
New hairdo
Vacation planned
China set daily
Diamonds sparkle in each earlobe
You’re living in the now
Stop waiting and live
(c)2018 There Is Sunshine After The Rain : Making It Through Life's Struggles

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