Friday, July 27, 2018

Behind The Wall

Mixed emotions bottled up about what is showing up in the media about this wall.

Let me paint the picture for you. You are on a mission to make a better life for your family .

You might have been running away from someone trying to kill you so your family pays to get you here .

You're seeking to get away from whatever it is that we might never know. 

Only thing they separate you from your young children, your wife, and your family trying to break you.

Land of the free doesn't want you to come to the United States you're labeled a murder, rapist, and unfit to come here. We don't want you to take jobs away that even the low income don't want but we don't want you to have it.

What resonates with everyone hearing this on the news, reading it in the newspapers and hearing on the

radio is that higher up sitting in a oval office justified the treatment.

I can only share from my perspective from my ancestors that were  brought over in slaves ships, sold as cattle, and separated. Some never to find their siblings, spouses and children again because they were sold into slavery.

Looking at documentation of bill of sale the names were not used. Picture kings, queens, and their children separated. Or they were just a family like you and I in their surroundings when they were captured. Shoved onto a ship, shackled, and brought to various destinations to work the land.

There are others who made it to Ellis Island from all parts of the world  that know what I talking about. Not being sold but separated to

live with various family members. Not having room for the whole family to be together. Wanting to have a better life. You agreed but it might mean you're in your country and your child is here.

A young child separated from their family member, not speaking the language, and being yelled at. Told that they would reunited to hush us up. Lies! Lies! Lies! Seeing pictures of the young toddler standing there while her shoe laces are removed is etched in my memory.

There are some children still not reunited with their family members, sold into adoption and the parent not being able to stop this. You see the pattern repeating ! Welcome to the United States !

With all this going on the United States is divided on their feelings on the treatment of children. We want them to stay behind the wall! Don't come around, don't come under, and don't come through the wall! Hurling slurs to hurt their families, their race, and those who support them that are in political offices. Now we might not have Social Security by the time we retire but let's use the taxpayer's money to pay for that wall!

Let me ask the historians who are out there have you read the article published in the National Geographic

who first colonized America?. Instead of trying to block people with a wall look at it as people  as those

trying to come back home!

Submitted by
Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Poet, Blogger


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