Monday, August 29, 2016

Au Natural ? Alicia Keys

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Then why must I feel as a woman that I am not beautiful unless I apply a mask

I have perfect cheekbones

My lips are full

Yet society has placed a stigma on women to wear makeup to appear beautiful

Now I have no problem if on a special occasion I want to apply some makeup

But it shouldn't be required that before I leave my house I am not complete if I don't

If I don't draw on my eye brows doesn't mean I have to try on a pair of sunglasses

I have beautiful eyes

I have to contour, apply concealer, primer, foundation, eye shadow, lipstick and more?

So why am I ranting?

Did you watch the VMA's on television ?

Alicia Keys a beautiful African American singer, wife and mother walked the red carpet with no makeup

Twitter went up in flames because as a celebrity she is an example for all to follow

She must wear make up!

I had to go back to her first album to see she never wore a lot of makeup

Why must she be mocked if she decides that she is dressed for the occasion

She is beautiful

Her skin a golden warm color brown

Are we as a society so caught up with how someone looks that if they don't have makeup on that they are not worthy of being graced upon our screens?

I wrote a book a couple of years ago called Loving Me (2013) and the very basis of the book was because you have young girls looking to be accepted, some are bullied, and the message was to love yourself first! Setting the tone for how others will love and accept you.

Three years later I am here writing because Alicia is a grown woman who is being bullied because she didn't put on make up!

Wake up!!

Award Winning Author Patricia A. Saunders

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