Thursday, October 6, 2016

Is Bill on his own campaign?

In deep discussion with relatives this morning we were talking about the upcoming election.

Something that made the conversation steer toward sexism, inequality for women, and egos.

There are many high powered women CEO that are running companies in the United States  and the question came up are they married? Are their spouses supportive of them working in those positions or would they rather they play the trophy wife.

If they are married are their spouses equally powerful and secure within themselves.

I thought of Mellody Hobson who is married to George Lucas and how they compliment each other not dimming the others light.  Both very powerful in their own industries. She the president of Ariel Investments and he the world famous film director.

Another example Marrisa Mayer who is the CEO of Yahoo and she is married to Zachary Bogue who is the co-founder of a Silicon Valley startup, lawyer, investment advisor. A high power couple who found a way to be successful, have a family, and though she is more successful you don't see him resentful but supportive.

I can go on about high powered women and their spouses. 

What am I getting at?
This isn't about politics but I am looking at Hilary Clinton who was First Lady, is Secretary of State, and is currently running for President of the United States. A powerful woman who happens to also be a lawyer, wife and mother. Quiet sure she has experienced men whose ego wouldn't acknowledge how powerful she is. When you're married though there is supposed to be a partnership and that roles that each takes on. Her husband William Bill Clinton was 42nd President and there is something  making me wonder will his ego let him step back for her to rise . When put in the spotlight to support his wife will he do something to sabotage her chances by doing  a speech to over 1,000 people and criticize her boss Obamacare Act? Something that she is supposed to continue if elected. When given the opportunity to share a ride back to the United States on Air Force 1, will he make her boss who is also on the campaign trails supporting Hilary wait 30 minutes? I understand it is her dream to be the next President of the United States but does he share the dream? Does he want her to be the President?

The thoughts are strictly the opinion of the author and I write from what is happening in the media, experiences and what gets me thinking. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but as a woman I want to see if  America is ready for a woman president since many have campaigned but never got elected. I also want to see within their relationship how he reacts when put in the spotlight? Lastly I wonder how does it feel for a man to take on the role as supportive spouse no matter what it requires?

I don't have a crystal ball as to who will win but I hope that if it is Hillary that her husband will show the world that he supports his wife.

Patricia A. Saunders
Author of This Too Shall Pass

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