Monday, October 17, 2016

What does a victim face look like?

There has been so much in the media lately that it causing much debate

From Donald Trump boasting how he will grab a woman by her pu$$y to inspecting contestants in his pageants. Then there is a 17 year old allegation of rape case resurfacing for Nate Parker it being blamed for a movie flopping in his debut weekend. There are more high profile men i.e. Bill Crosby, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and the list goes on.

I sat in the corner and I wept. You would have thought that I lost a loved one. I realized why I was crying.

In the male dominated world the woman is always to blame even at the sacrifice of her pu$$y.

Women are coming forward to say what happened to them from different pageants and the media is questioning why did it take them so long? You're just making this up to destroy this man.

Did anyone ever wonder that they either tried but the rapist was so powerful that their voices were silenced?

I cried for the woman who committed suicide because her voice was never heard in her mind and she couldn’t move forward.

Then I stepped back and looked in the mirror

I looked at the victim looking back at me

I was her over 30 years ago.

I had a gun placed at my temples

I was bruised in places

I had bite marks on my stomach

Scabs on my nipples

By any definition this was a rape

I had low self esteem at the time to be able to go to authorities I felt well I did go on the date with him.

The scenario was we were both young kids (19-20 years old), away from our parents, with an attraction to each other.

When I got back to the dormitory I called my parents who lived eight hours away, to explain what happened, and immediately my brothers were coming to my rescue.
I went with a friend to talk to a mutual friend that knew him to warn that my family was coming. 
Why was I so concern for his well being when I was physically hurt?

He was able to give me a card, flowers and I ended up letting it go

Neither I nor my parents knew what to do. We are from a small town and nothing has ever happened like this to me.

So to cope I kept having a relationship with the young man until I left the college. I never saw him again. Until years later we reconnected through social media and he brought it up again like it was a joke. I never responded. His response was remember when? And then LOL

It stops today!

A woman when she comes forward is not to be sentenced to guilty for a crime she didn't commit
A man no matter how much money or status he has when he boast what he is able to get away with from his privilege lifestyle...Authorities take notice.

Victims don't hide in a corner
Stand with your head up
Men take responsibility for your actions
Everyone don't throw false allegations around like it's a hot potato
It is not a joke
It is not locker room talk
There are more victims out there who have never come forward but trust me
Like Sheryl Underwood, Gabrielle Union and more …victims they are rising up
Though we hold it in a secret place we never forget
Find peace my sisters
Don't let the past haunt you
Until America puts a face on what a victim should look like it will continue

What is wrong with our society?
So though there is an election coming up and victims are coming forward

Don't you dare condemn them?

Ladies you are free!!!

Bondage released

Tell your stories

Put a face to what a victim looks like

America has forgotten

Until it's their daughter, sister, or mother what a victim's face looks like is you and me.

We are not to blame 

By Award Winning Author Patricia A. Saunders

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