Friday, November 25, 2016


This is the time of year when you see so many writing what they are thankful for

The question arose why do we have to pick just one day a year and not be thankful throughout the year?

I have seen posts that some are thankful for their families, children, their health etc.

I sat in the living room and it was from the mouth of babes as they went around the room . It is what they said  that caught my attention

We had gone around the room giving thanks for various things

Laughing and smiling at each other for being thankful

There was one child in the room who said you didn't ask me ?

You think what could a child only six years old be thankful for?

He hasn't seen life yet? Gone through any drama?

Yet he is here and he wants to be counted too. 

He was thankful for his parents, his friends, and and his family.

So many times we go through things and it doesn't matter at what age it's your friends and family who are there.

You depend on these people to support you, inspire you, and more importantly to love you.

There was another person in the room who has health issues never complaining

She says she is thankful for her health because she knows how far she has come.

Always this time of year we see people reflect on life and it's a blessing to be on this side of the ground

I have been tested more than I want to count for cancer this year alone because it runs in my family.

I am thankful for those who fought a good fight, survived and those who got their wings.

You never know what the person next to you is going through

All I know is 9 years ago I had no food in my cabinets, no money in my account, no job, and didn't have a

place to go to.

Thankful for coming through the storm and for those who helped me along the way!


Patricia A. Saunders

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