Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Count down to 6 months

Count Down to Six Months

I was visiting my sister who celebrated one year of being cancer free. It was also her birthday and we were sitting at the table just talking. Laughing about things in life, her giving me advice about work, love, and finances. She said something and it struck me. I glossed over it and continued the conversation about work. I couldn't sleep that night because the words were powerful. "If you had 6 months to live are you content with your life?".

I called her back the following morning and she elaborated on what she meant. I wanted to know more about what she meant.  She said if you always wanted to go to the Bahamas. Go to the Bahamas. It made me think if you got the diamond earrings put up for a special occasion get them out and wear them. Lastly if there is something you always wanted to do but was afraid because of what others would think, say, or your own anxiety. Just do It!!! Life is too short and isn't promised to no man or woman. We always walk around saying what if, one day, and I shoulda coulda woulda into my future.

I don't know if it struck because here is someone who wasn't looking for cancer. She was persistent that they run tests and I was requested more than once to come and pray for her. Here was my big sister who I leaned on for strength now leaning on me. The flood gates opened because I am thinking does she know something and isn't telling me? I then had to laugh because with faith there is no fear. I had prayed, left the fear in 2012, and was praising into 2013. I refused to think negative and take the advice from my elder sister who has seen the world, who has been tested with challenges, and came through stating that she is grateful.

I then sat down and wrote out my plans for the next 6 months. I was thinking if it was to end in six months there were some things I still wanted to do. I am getting the jewelry out to start wearing, I am calling my travel agent to book that trip, and I am letting the walls down that have protected me for so many years. If I was to die in 6 months I want to say I am at peace, I am loved, and I did it my way!!!!

Now that doesn't mean that people just spend their life savings because no one knows when they will leave this earth. What I take it to mean is that you have no regrets, be humble, and lastly when it's all over you can say "I am at peace with myself".

Just do it !!!!

Patricia Saunders

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