Friday, October 4, 2013

Second Chances

Second Chances

Sometimes you have to stop and go back and smell the roses
Speeding through life you might miss things like the twinkle of your love one's eyes
You might miss someone saying I love you
You might rush so much that you miss important things that you can't get back

You have been given a second chance
So take up that hobby you always wanted
Go on that vacation you dreamed of
Start saving for that nest egg
Don't take life for granted

When the world starts spinning out of control
I find that I retreat into my comfort zone
I start cooking
I start inviting family over to be around me
I need more wet kisses from my great nephew
I need my hugs from my lover to comfort me
I stop and take in all that is around me

I find items that I had thought I lost
I come across cards and letters from my deceased Mother
I open up the shoe box with poems and letters from my first love
The sunset has a new glow that I have never seen
The butterflies appear to follow me
I look to the hills from which my help comes from and my help comes from

Taking Second Chances

Be Blessed

Patricia A. Saunders


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