Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Scandal or Not

So the craze is Scandal
Everyone is glued to their screens to see Olivia and Fritz
The outfits she is going to wear and see them sell of the racks within hours
What will happen next where is Jake, will Huck spring into action, and will her Daddy fly her to Brazil
More and more people are at the water cooler talking about Millie being a smart dedicated wife
Fritz dropping her name to Secret Service
Questions about Olivia being a slut because she is having an affair
Are we being influenced to think that it's okay?
Scandal or Not?
Have we become a society where we glamorize power with affairs?
What about thou shall not commit adultery?
Those who have power can have an affairs and be seen as okay?
Are those with power going to call on a Sally to help ease the acceptance
I love Olivia because of her style, I love her for her education, and her leadership
I love Scandal because of the action, the characters that are played, but while talking to my girlfriends they asked me so you like an assassin (Huck), a mistress (Olivia), and a cheater ( Fritz) and I am ashamed to say it but Yes!!!!

I like speeding home to be in front of the TV to see her walking across the street in her Burberry coat, dressed to the nine with her red lipstick on. Chatting on Facebook with my East Coast friends on each interaction.

Give me Scandal but just for TV

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