Thursday, December 4, 2014

Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge   

Life is worth living

When you were a kid do you remember climbing the tree to the top?

Hiking the mountain

Swimming out to the deep end of the pool

You didn’t know what fear was

Somewhere as you aged someone told you be careful
You don’t want to hurt yourself

So you started to limit your life

You started being cautious

You weren’t living to the fullest

So I say let the kid come back into your life

Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone

So while you are not taking those chances

Life is speeding by

If you said to me you have 6 months to live

Why would I start living on the edge?

Why would I want to do everything that I was afraid to do?

Come on!

Start living on the edge and live

By Patricia A. Saunders – Author of Let It Rain

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