Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fear For My Sons

Fear For My Sons

Though I didn't birth you I see you as my sons

Some are Ivy league and others from the block

Walking down the street you're judged

Walking into a store you're followed because you aren't supposed to be there

It is 2014 and times are supposed to have changed

Why does it feel like it's 1950's and I can't sit at the counter of the diner

Fear For My Sons

So many are taken away by gun shots or police brutality

So many are taken away by hands of their own race

I fear for you because turning 21 is rare

That your Mother has to bury you and it should be the other way around

I fear for you that you will be in jail one time and it becomes a way of life

That you won't be able to cope out here

Fear For My Sons

That you won't get gray hair

That you won't see your children graduate

That you won't walk your daughter down the aisle

That you will be a innocent by stander in the wrong place

That you won't have the liberty to have it filmed by others to know what happen

That you can't lift your hands because you will get shot

That you can say officer I am a officer too

See I might not have birthed you but my tears shed for you

This is dedicated to all the men who lost their lives too soon

By Author of Let It Rain Patricia A. Saunders

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