Wednesday, December 3, 2014


During the holiday season people are running around purchasing gifts for love ones
My question is what are you thankful for?
Does it matter what you drive? Where you live? Who your friends are?
My question is are you happy?
If I could change three things in life what would it be?
I would want everyone to be at peace
Not to judge someone for the color of their skin
Not to punish someone for their beliefs
I would then have to be ready for the response
What would the universe come back with?
Instead of going broke trying to fulfill someone’s wish be thankful that you have each other.
Make them something.
Sometimes during the holidays you have those who have lost a love one
They might have problems seeing the good when they are so sad
Give them a hug
Call them and let them know you care
Let them know you are thankful for them being here
Instead of making it so huge that you feel that you can’t compete
Make it worthwhile and make it meaningful
I am thankful for the air that I breathe because someone is struggling for that breath
I am thankful for my health because someone is having the last rites read over them
I am thankful for shelter because there is someone lying on the sidewalk trying to sleep
I am thankful

Patricia A. Saunders Author 

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