Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Starting Over

Starting Over

As the year 2016 is coming to a close there is so much to ponder

Great Icons have passed David Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher to name a few.

The first man to walk the moon has accepted his new assignment and is now in heaven

The most controversy over an election that I have witnessed in my 1/2 century is not over and more are frighten of what is to come

Children are disappearing off the streets leaving their homes to never return

You turn on the news and there is a bombing here, a shooting there at a mall, and another life lost

We look to our leaders for guidance and what I have heard on television, radio and witnessed it all are unsure

Some will tell you to stay focused we have gone through much worse

Others will be religious and tell you to trust God

I just want to start over!

I want to wake up to no wars here in the United States or abroad. You say what wars in the United States?

There is a war where there is killing taking place in the United States from all races men, women, children are being killed.

I want to have feel safe walking down the street or better yet driving on the highway

I want to look at my neighbor and feel that I don't have to worry about hate in his heart that will harm me

I want 2016 to be over and I want 2017 to usher in new beginnings

I want to know that though we have someone new in the oval office that he remembers that the world that he governs will have to be safe for his children, grandchildren and their children

I want to coexist in a peaceful world

As I sit and exhale as the time passing so fast

I want feel free to be me

So I ask what do you want?

Submitted by
Blogger, Author, Poet Patricia A. Saunders
Award Winning Author of This Too Shall Pass

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