Tuesday, January 31, 2017

You're Not Welcomed

Wave of emotions

Flood my being

I can only imagine

The door being closed in my face

I have no place to go

Ripped from my family's grasps

No warning

Waiting on the other side is my freedom

You're not welcomed here is what the sign reads

A melting pot?

The land of the free?

Innocent not doing anything wrong

You have helped make America great

Your only sin is what you believe in

It could have been me

The feeling of traveling abroad and coming home

To be turned away

Or you are coming to see a sick loved one

I am sorry but you're not welcomed

I watched as the elderly man wept

His tears ran down his cheek and he said I am a good person


We stand with him in solidarity and can't explain

The only thing we can all do now is pray

Pray for the families separated

Pray for peace

Pray for they know not what they do!!!

Patricia A. Saunders
Blogger, Author, Poet

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