Monday, February 12, 2018

I Would Have Freed More If Only They Knew- Book Excerpt from There Is Sunshine After The Rain

Looking into the eyes of my sisters
I see fear
I see that they have given up
Running away wasn’t an option
They were determined to stay
Take the abuse
Take the punishment
I see her and I nod my head in acknowledgement
Signaling that it’s okay to leave
You don’t have to stay
I have seen the makeup trying to cover the bruises
I have heard you thrown up against the walls
You might have tried to muffle the sound
I heard each one out loud
As you rush to work, dropping off the kids, and making sure your secret is kept
I noticed that during lunch you are sitting in your car, never with a bite to eat
Enjoying your solitude, I wonder where you are
My sister, you don’t have to endure this pain
I have an escape all planned out
You say that you love him
You can’t leave him
That I don’t understand
That he’s only being a man
I look at you with disbelief
I do understand more than you know
I received the call the next day that they found you
You got your wings
Gone too soon
He’s locked up
The kids are in the system
There was another way if you would have seen that you were free

(c) 2018 There Is Sunshine After The Rain by Patricia A. Saunders

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