Thursday, August 9, 2018

Finding myself in the Red Mountains

It was in the year 2013 and I was going through a storm. I had taken a demotion at work , transferred closer 
to home and was trying to take care of myself. I had started symptoms for high blood pressure, was prediabetic , and my arm couldn’t go above my head. In my dream one morning I was saying I need to do something to wake 
the old me back up. I wanted to get back into taken care of myself. I was awaken by a notification on

my phone that I felt was a sign. It was an invitation to come to Saint George, Utah to visit a resort called

Red Mountain. I responded back that I was interested to take the travel agent rate and explore the

experience. Within minutes they responded back and I knew then it was real, not a dream, and the

beginning .

Within weeks flight is booked , it will be a work trip since I am going to write about the whole experience.  I

arrived into Las Vegas and took a shuttle van to Saint George, being stuck between

strangers, and I am the only African American female on this ride. I am prayed up so fear get behind me.

When I arrive to the resort the staff is friendly, my bags are taken to my room, and I am given a tour of the

grounds by the sales manager. A dinner is planned for all the travel agents visiting also from all over the

United  States. We are here for 4 days and 3 nights and we are about to introduced to all inclusive wellness.

The Spa  has every type of treatment that will make you wish you lived here. The food is delicious my

favorite that I look for every time I go is Sweet Potato Pancakes, Turkey Chorizo and potatoes. I order

a drink that I thought had tequila in to find out that a winery in California is distilling wine to taste like vodka,

tequila, and rum.

I can sleep in and awake without one alarm sounding, other have taken the hike and are being challenged to

go higher heights, and the air though its hot feels electrifying. . I pull out my journal and I am just taking in

the hills, the birds dipping into the water fountain, and  the sound of bugs chirping on this hot day.

Over 30 years ago I decided to gain the weight as my armor, my way of protecting myself, my subconscious

taking over what my mind couldn't deal with, I am going to turn off the sexy. Now in my 50's reclaiming my

time that is left as my own. I am taking yoga classes, tai chi, and dance classes while at the resort.. A fire in

the pit of stomach is awaken my purpose has been renewed. I sign up to take a evening photography class

and while out in the area behind the resort I see a sunset and I snap a photo. The instructor has the class all

taking turns taking photos at different angles  and then we walk into the labyrinth. I feel at the moment that I

can't feel defeated. My perspective at life was to learn the lesson, don't criticize myself and to love myself.

Upon leaving the resort I established friendships with guests,, I built a relationship

with the staff and have booked a trip three additional visits. Each time bringing someone else with myself

hoping that whatever they experience will be life changing. Each time I have never been disappointed,

the yoga instructor remembers me, I can share any improvements with the staff as a testimony from their

classes, motivation, and of course looking for any new additions that they place on the itinerary.

I don't get any type of sponsorship or payment from the resort to write about my experience I just others to

know that this is a gem hiding in the mountains. If you want to lose weight, exercise, or just relax they have it


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