Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Sister's Love

A Sister's Love

Growing up I was the youngest of 13 siblings. I had one in particular who took the role at the age of 11

to be the Second Momma. She would babysit me, as she got older her job was to make sure I ate, bathe

and did my homework. She was a teenager and I did everything that she did. She applied Noxzema to her

face for teenage acne well here I am right behind her when she went to school putting it on my face. She

would put ketchup on her collard greens well here I go doing the same thing again. When she started dating

her boyfriend who is now her husband I was scared that our relationship would change. On her wedding day

my nose was bleeding because I was afraid my sister was going to leave me forever.

Our relationship didn't change if anything I was calling her to talk on the phone like she was next store, when

I could I was taking the bus to spend weekends with her until I learned to drive. She later moved to

California and when I was in my late 20's and my father's health was declining it was best that I go

where I had family and support. I was going to be closer to my Second Momma.

I understand that not all families are the same. Some siblings have arguments and don't speak for years but

that's not our case. We talk on the phone daily, talk about everything that I normally would with my Mother

who has passed, and if I am ever hungry I know I can go grab a plate.

The best thing about having sisters is that they are always going to be there, they are your best friend, your

counselor, your shopping buddy, and travel partners. My sisters will always be honest with me and tell

me their honest opinion even if it is going to hurt me. 

People don't understand from the outside our dynamic but it takes something traumatic like a brush with

death, a serious illness, something that will harm us that makes the five sisters forget any misunderstandings

and get into formation. My lonely brother feels left out at times but together my mother had instilled in each

of us a piece of her. That together we are the glue to hold each other up when a crisis arises. 

 It's the holidays when we always check on each other. It's the time of year when we miss our mother most.

This year especially we had a scare with the Second Momma and we all got into formation like we did when

we had to take care of our mother. We all got on phones calling our friends and family who work in the

medical field, called on our Heavenly Father to not let her go, and we started praying. Our family is tigher

members who were not speaking are speaking. The baton has been passed to the younger generation to

take over as we are getting older. A sister's love is like no other love.

Submitted by
Patricia A. Saunders
Award Winning Author, Poet and Blogger

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