Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I want to write a book ... where do I start?

I am asked all the time once someone knows that I am a writer.

How did you publish your book?

I tell everyone that I started writing in my journal and once I had enough content I started taking

pieces and putting them into the outline.

I challenged myself to write poetry and nonfiction with the outcome that the reader would find

motivation. I wanted the reader to take what I had wrote and relate in some parts to the topics.

Then I started doing my research with other writers on what they were doing.

I also used Google to find self published publishers over traditional.

Once I felt that there was a relationship I read all of the contract before signing on the dotted line.

I uploaded my manuscript and the work began.

I was contacted to give a synopsis of what the book was about, where did I want it to be sold, how

many pages was the book. What type of formatting did I want to use, the color of the pages and lastly

help in selecting the book cover.

Again research research and more research.

I decided on the amount I wanted to charge for my books, found the book covers for each of my

books because I had a vision that I wanted the buyer to capture off the shelves to purchase.

I found my own editor and went through revision after revision until I felt the book my baby

was ready to be born.

My advice to any poet, new author, or reader who is contemplating writing their first book is to do

your due diligence. What works for one might not work for you. Whom I chose for a publisher

was based on my need . There are many out there and make sure you have your work copyrighted!

I wish all the best on the journey. There is a story in each of us to share.

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Patricia A. Saunders
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