Monday, November 5, 2018

Not Needing Your Acceptance

Not Needing Your Acceptance

Powerful words

Letting them roll off of my lips like dew drops

As a child we do everything to appease our parents

Then it become peer pressure when we are teenagers

Then it's someone else that we are trying to please

At some point it stops!

When I was younger I was told I was beautiful

That all that matters is that you're beautiful

So as I aged, life challenges presented itself ,  as most men and women I found  myself with a few extra


Now I was still beautiful but society had labels 

I had family members who love me say " You dress cute for a big girl"

It would sting because why wasn't I thought of as someone who dressed nice

I hit 50 years old and there was a feeling of liberation.

I was letting friends go who were negative

I was letting relationships go that were toxic

I was letting jobs go that were killing me

Again the same family member would say " You know companies won't hire you because you're plus size

they discriminate".

I would prove her wrong , get a wonderful job and keep stepping.

I have had to overcome adversity due to the color of my skin, my gender and my age but never my size!

Recently the same sibling stopped talking to me because while stressed I confessed that within 24 hours I

ate 8 donuts. She was sending me affirmations, saying she was doing an intervention, and literature on

12 step programs for Overweight Anonymous. I got her intent was good but the delivery sucked.

Here's the funny thing out of 13 siblings I don't have cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or anything I

am the healthiest child. The only ailment is arthritis that I inherited from my father's side of the family.

I had a conversation with a friend recently talking honestly about life , sexual orientation, religion and

everything grown talk about. I said as I have grown to be my age and hope to grow older that the last thing

I need on this earth is anyone's acceptance. Anyone who knows me knows that I wear my heart on my

sleeve, I bear all my emotions, relationships and everything on the line I have nothing to hide.

I have ended childhood friendships with people over their insecurities that they tried to pass to me.  I have

walked off of jobs where I didn't feel that I was treated with respect and didn't have another one lined up. I

am still living, employed with another job, and new friends have come into my life. When people tell me their

stories it's not for me to judge and tell them how I feel the chapter of their book should be written.

What people fail to realize in life everyone makes decisions. They are either right or wrong depending on

who you ask. The answer is do you need their acceptance to live your life to the fullest capacity? Majority

the time the answer if no!

So I live my plus size life blessed and curvy! I drink my wine when I want to and I smoke a good cigar!

When you have others in your life who want you to follow their way or no way it depends on you do you

want to follow! I will never be a follower except to the man above who I call my Almighty Father!

I hope this blog today helps someone who has been judged and feels bullied . Don't let them get you down.

Keep your head up !

Not Needing Your Acceptance ! keep saying that .

Live, Love, and Laugh

Submitted by Patricia A. Saunders
Author, Poet, Motivational Speaker and Blogger

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